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Liz Cheney Wants To Stop Trump. Americans Aren’t Sure She Can

During a recent CNN interview, Liz Cheney said she wasn’t ruling out a presidential run to stop Trump. Voters aren’t sure that’s a good idea.

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Doomed Democracy

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“It’s really important that people recognize the efforts [Trump’s] putting in to tear down every institution of our democracy,” Cheney said during her appearance on CNN’s State Of The Union. She then noted that she hadn’t ruled out running to stop the former president from winning in 2024. 

That’s Funny 

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But voters aren’t sure that’s a good idea. Many pointed out that Cheney lost her last election. “Hilarious!’ one person said. “She lost by 40% in her run for Congress in her own state. She is toxic.” 

Party Insult

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Others weren’t laughing. “Cheney is too arrogant and deluded to realize she’s insulting 50% of the country and 95% of Republicans,” another commenter noted. 

Runs in the Family

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A few people pointed out that the Cheney family isn’t well-regarded by many voters. “The Cheney family is one of the worst things to happen to America,” one person said.  “She should enjoy retirement and let America heal from her family’s crimes.”

Too Late

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One person thought it was already too late in the race for Cheney to make an impact. “She says that, but she’s late to the game financially and ground game-wise,” they said. 

Not the Point

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Others noted that Cheney didn’t say anything about actually winning the election. “If Liz Cheney were to run for president, her role would be to act as a spoiler against Donald Trump,” one commenter said. “Her role is to reduce the number of voters for Donald Trump.”

Better Than the Other Guy 

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A few also noted that Cheney might be a better spoiler than other third-party candidates, like RFK Jr, who was originally running as a Democrat. Though many believe RFK Jr will steal from Trump’s support, he could easily pull Biden’s supporters too. 

It Could Happen 

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Some commenters thought that Cheney could win if she decided to put her name in the race.  “I said it in 2021,” one person commented. “A Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger ticket would shake up the Republicans and give centrists a viable ticket.” 

Back To Normal

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Several also pointed out that Cheney’s values are more in line with what Americans expect from their politicians. “I don’t agree with many of her policies, but Cheney would restore order, integrity, and decorum to U.S. politics,” one person said. 

Not Afraid

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A commenter noted Cheney was brave to call out Trump on national television. “I respect Liz Cheney,” they said. “She spoke truth to power today. She is one of the few Republicans who is not afraid to tell the truth.”

Trump Loyalists

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Still, many said those who support Trump probably won’t support Cheney. “She will take nothing from Trump,” said one person. “All 12 people that would vote for her were never going to vote for Trump. Are you starting to get it?”


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A few Trump supporters echoed the sentiment. They said they would never vote for Cheney or any other candidate. “President Trump is going to be the next president,” one said. “Nobody will stop it.”

What About Speaker 

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Others thought that Former Rep. Cheney should focus on a different race. “Liz, take SOTH!!” said one enthusiastic commenter. Currently, Republicans are scrambling to elect a House Speaker. 

Trump’s Not the Issue

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Several people took issue with Cheney’s entire premise. “Yeah… I gotta disagree with ya on this one, Liz Cheney,” one person said. “Trump is not anywhere close to the most dangerous threat we face.”

Already Done

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A few voters pointed out that Trump already has a lot working against him, including multiple legal battles. “Trump will stop himself,” one person said, implying there was no need to rally against the former president. 

Not a Bad Idea

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Some voters who don’t want to see Trump back in the white house thought Cheney’s notion was smart. As one person said, “If Trump is the nominee, every true Republican should run for President and bleed off 1-2% to ensure he never sees the inside of the White House again.”

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