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18 Flat-Out Lies Americans Have Been Brainwashed to Believe

From IRS inconsistencies to marrying the partner of one’s “dreams,” people vented online about the lies that far too many people believe.

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1: Real Diamonds Rule

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Nope, they don’t, according to a person sick of Americans brainwashed into thinking they need to splurge on real diamonds. Another agrees, saying, “This tiny clear rock is $5,000 and completely identical to a fake one unless you look at [it] with a tool that cost more than the diamond itself.”

2: I Care

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Quit believing that politicians care about you, says one commenter. They could care less about the people who voted for them.

3: Designer Labels

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Newsflash: You can look good in clothes that aren’t designer brands. “I heard that there is a pair of Air Jordans for $100k,” says one person. “What moron would buy these shoes or pay that much?” Many people, apparently.

4: Minimum Wage Is Fine

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Several commenters agreed that a lie being spread around the U.S. is that “minimum wage workers don’t need more money.” Another calls it a scam, with politicians saying raising the minimum wage will hurt the economy.

5: Recycling

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While recycling may have been rooted with the good of the earth in mind, it’s a big lie Americans believe, according to many. One person argues that the lie is that “individual choices like recycling can affect systemic problems like pollution,” while another says pro-recycling narratives help politicians and companies look good.

6: Weddings

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Weddings are the biggest brainwashing campaign on the face of the earth, according to one person. “Is there anything more insane?” they ask, referring to how people believe weddings must be expensive.

“Do ten years together, and if you are still married and in love, then throw a blast of a celebration,” they advise. It’s hard for them to understand why a couple would dump so much money into an event when “they have no idea what it takes to make a marriage and kids work.”

7: Alcohol Is Healthy

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Nope. Alcohol is one of the worst things you can consume, according to one person. While there are plenty of studies that show certain wines and other drinks may have health benefits, the overarching narrative in the U.S. that alcohol is a safe and cool thing to consume is a total lie, according to some.

8: Money Is Everything

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find an American who doesn’t believe that money has its place in our society. But a commenter says far too many people believe the lying narrative that life is all about money.

9: Influencers

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Influencers are a big fat lie, says one person. Another agreed, saying their friend’s company paid $12,000 for an influencer to show off their product. The influencer only made three posts and did one 10-minute livestream. The result? The product that used to bring in $2,000 – $3,000 per day jumped up to making more than $30,000 daily for the following 1.5 weeks.

10: Recipe for Success

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One lie in society that drives some people crazy is that “success requires only talent and hard work.” Several people chimed in with their thoughts, saying some of the wealthiest people prove that neither is required. Another person acknowledges that while “hard work helps…Luck and background are factors, as are effort, experience, [and] motivation.”

11: The IRS

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a big fat lie, according to one American. They give this example:

“The IRS: You owe us money? Pay up now, or you’re going to jail.

“Also the IRS: We owe you money? Please wait at least 6 months to find out. Then another 6 months to actually receive it.”

12: Musk Is a Genius

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Elon Musk is definitely not a genius, argues one person about the common lie Americans believe.

13: Workers Are Taking Money

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If you’ve believed the narrative that “workers are taking money from the company instead of the other way around,” it’s all a lie, says one commenter. Another agrees, saying, “I definitely think all employees should be given a profit-sharing reimbursement on top of their wages.”

14: College Education

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Although the tides are changing, many Americans believe the lie that “working hard and going to college was a sure-fire ticket to happiness and material success.”

15: Unskilled Labor

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Believing that anyone can do unskilled labor is a common lie Americans believe. “It takes a lot of strength, initiative, and determination to do some of that backbreaking work,” says one person. The word “unskilled” shouldn’t be equivalent to “anyone can do it.”

16: Early Birds Are Better

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Here’s a wakeup call one person wants you to know: Being a morning person and waking up early doesn’t mean that you work harder or care more about your success than people who hit the snooze button.

17: Teens Paying Taxes

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Normalizing 15 to 17-year-olds paying taxes when they can’t vote is a big lie pushed out by governments, argues one person. They can’t for the life of them understand how that makes sense, yet it’s something so many Americans blindly accept.

18: Cars Are King

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Cars are not the best way to get around when a country invests in public transportation and walkable cities, says a pro-public transportation commenter. However, Americans are fed the lie that cars are the best way to get around because “everything the car uses is taxed, and [the government] also gets money for parking tickets, sales tax, driver’s licenses, insurance, etc.”

Source: Reddit.

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