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The Single Letter Missing from All U.S. State Names That So Many Americans Don’t Know

Here’s a fun question for your next trivia night: What letter isn’t in any state name? Take a second to think about it before we reveal the answer next.

The Ultimate “Q”uestion

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“Q” is the only letter that isn’t in any state name. That’s quite the achievement, given that there are 50 states and only 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Runners Up

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The letters “J” and “Z” come in close second to “Q,” with those letters only appearing once in a state’s name. Do you know which states claim them?

The J and Z Dance

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New Jersey and Arizona are the only states with the letters “J” and “Z” in their names, respectively.

“B” Unique

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Alabama and Nebraska are the only two states with the letter “B” in their names.

“F” Is Cool Too

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There are only two states that contain the letter “F”: California and Florida. Perhaps there’s something about the letter “F” and beaches.

The X factor

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The letter “X” joins “B” and “F” as the three letters that only show up in two state names. Texas and New Mexico are the only states that contain “X.”

Seeing Double

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Only one state starts with two vowels. Can you figure out which one it is? Think about it before we reveal it next.

Corn State for the Win

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Iowa is the only state in the U.S. with a name that starts with two vowels.

Another Win

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To put two cherries on top of Iowa’s cake, it’s also the only state with its two-letter abbreviation consisting of two vowels. But Iowa’s abbreviation isn’t “IO,”; it’s “IA.” That’s right, three out of four of Iowa’s letters are vowels!

Vowels Aren’t Uncommon

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Nearly 25% of states in the U.S. have a name that starts with a vowel. Go ahead, give it a go to see if you can figure out which ones they are.

Ending Vowels

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Statistically, it’s not that big of a deal for a state’s name to end with two vowels; nine states claim this diluted fame. It’s rarer for a state’s name to end with two back-to-back consonants.

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