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15 Jobs That Probably Won’t Exist in 30 Years

Between the rise of artificial intelligence and robot employees, these are the jobs people predict will cease to exist in 30 years. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Do It Yourself 

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Cashiers will be a thing of the past in 30 years, according to one person. “Have you seen people use self-checkout?” another responded. “Give it time; we are still in the Ford Model-T era of retail automation,” someone added. 

2: Auto Secretaries 

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According to one employee, low-level office workers will fall to the wayside as their jobs become automated. Another commenter wasn’t so sure. “If there’s nowhere else to offshore work to, then yes. Otherwise, they will constantly be seeking the cheapest labor pool for office jobs.” 

3: Jack of All Trades

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“I have a strong suspicion that a general automotive mechanic won’t be around for long,” one person said. They pointed to two reasons: not enough people interested in the trade and a massive uptick in licensed mechanics. “Any other mechanic not licensed by John Deere voids the warranty if they make repairs. I can see GM, Ford, and the others picking up this idea.”

4: Driving Animals to Extinction 

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It’s not a morally sound job, but one person said rhino and elephant poaching won’t exist in 30 years. “That got dark. But it’s sadly the truth,” someone agreed. “At first, I was ready to disagree, but then I realized the lack of jobs would be due to a lack of elephants,” another commenter sadly said. 

5: Game On

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Physical copies of video games are already phasing out, and one gamer thinks it’ll soon be an empty industry besides people who sell classic games. “Especially since you still have to download stuff when downloading a game, it’s just more worth it to buy a game digitally.” 

6: If It Ain’t Broke 

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Someone said the pool of TV maintenance specialists, and appliance repair in general, is already quite scarce. And it’ll only dwindle from here. “The problem is that even if you can repair something, taking it apart and putting it back together often causes more damage to an already broken product.” 

7: Flipping Out 

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One person predicts that teens won’t be able to flip patties at McDonald’s for their first job in 30 years. “You’ll just have one guy back there loading the machines from time to time.” 

8: Before It Was Cool 

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Worry not, says one sarcastic person with their finger on the pulse. “Of all the ordinary jobs that will disappear, one-tenth of them will return 100 years later in hipster, artisanal form.” 

10: Behind the Wheel 

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As scary as it sounds, one believes self-driving automobiles will render the truck-driving industry useless. “I think driving automation and artificial intelligence will render human drivers obsolete.”

11: Please Hold 

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Finding quality customer service is already few and far between, but one person thinks the job will be obsolete within 30 years. “That’s already dead almost everywhere,” a cynical person responds. 

12: Let’s All Go to the Movies 

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You’ll have to grab the popcorn yourself next time you want to see a movie on the big screen, if you can see it there at all. One commenter predicts movie theatre workers will be no more. “I think new movies will be released on streaming services. It’s already happening.” 

13: Read It and Weep 

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“Something in book production” is the field one person thinks will be obsolete in 30 years. They questioned who uses “real” books anymore. A bookworm disagrees. “Physical paper books remain popular, and I suspect they will remain so.” 

14: Listen to the Music 

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“It’s happening slower, but many professional music makers are also being phased out,” one person said. They added that most people can and will buy the equipment to fix recording problems in their homes instead. 

15: Rolling up the Red Carpet 

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We’re used to movie stars being the highest level of celebrity, but with TikTok influencers and short-form media rising, one person thinks there won’t be any traditionally famous people left. “Actors will piece together an income through live work and computer shows.”

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