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Jim Jordan’s Run For Speaker Sparks Concern

Rep. Jim Jordan has a sordid past, forcing Americans to question whether he’s the best choice for Speaker of the House. 

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The Race Is On

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Rep. Jim Jordan and Majority Leader Steve Scalise have put their names in for House Speaker after McCarthy’s historic ousting. Though the Republican-led House has an interim speaker, little can get done until a new Speaker takes the gavel. 

Endorsed by Trump

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After announcing his run, former President Trump threw his weight behind the Congressman, saying that Jordan is “strong on crime, borders, our military/vets, and the 2nd Amendment,” all things many Republicans cite as major issues.   

Intertwined With Insurrection

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Many commented that Trump and Jordan have a long history of working together. On the morning of January 6th, it’s known that Trump spoke with Jordan. Five days later, he awarded the Congressman the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Refuse To Cooperate

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Jordan’s full role in the Jan. 6th Capital attack remains unknown. He famously refused to cooperate with a Congressional subpoena regarding the infamous day. 

Is That Even Legal?

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Echoing the sentiment of many, one commenter asked, “Why have there been no repercussions to this? Isn’t it illegal to defy subpoenas, much less Congressional ones?” 

Big Bark, No Bite

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“Congress has no actual enforcement,” another person clarified. “They’re a legislative branch: they make laws, not enforce them.” While there is a Sergeant at Arms who can enforce subpoenas, they typically act only when asked to do so. 

Oh, the Irony

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Many commenters pointed out how ironic the situation is. “He refuses to comply with a subpoena issued by the house and now wants the ability to subpoena others,” one user said. 

Shouldn’t Be Possible

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Others noted that many in Congress may have had something to do with Jan. 6th, but none of them were held accountable the way members of the public were. “This is what happens when there’s no accountability in our Department of Justice,” one person said. 

Bigger Concerns

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Several people were less concerned about Jordan’s Jan. 6th involvement and more concerned with his relationship with OSU doctor Richard Strauss. Strauss assaulted several student athletes while Jordan was an assistant coach. 

A Blind Eye

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As one person said in response to the news, “Wait, the guy who covered up decades of [assults]?” Rep. Jordan has denied knowing anything about the assaults. 

Trump’s Long Game

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Some thought that Jordan potentially becoming Speaker was part of a bigger plan. They pointed to the idea that Trump and his supporters were trying to retake the White House, noting that the Speaker is second in line to the Presidency, behind the Vice President. 

Too Much Credit

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Others weren’t convinced that Jordan’s run has anything to do with Trump. As one put it, “No way in h*ll Trump is smart enough or knowledgeable enough to put all these pieces in place.”

Better Than the Other Guy

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Though many commenters were against Jim Jordan as Speaker, a few thought he was better than the alternative, Steve Scalise. Scalise is currently undergoing treatment for blood cancer, and many worry that he’s not up to the job. 

Not A Real Concern 

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Others thought there was no way that Rep. Jordan could gain the Speaker role, noting that he had tried and failed in the past. “Doubtful that he will become speaker,” one poster said. “He was among the 15 separate votes in January.”

Back To McCarthy 

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A few noted that other names are being put forth in the press, making it less likely that Jim Jordan will succeed. “I think his candidacy for Speaker is getting pushback,” one person noted. “There is even some floating of McCarthy returning around this afternoon. This tells me there is no cohesion around Jordan.

Source: Reddit.

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