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Dislike ATM Fees? Here’s How to Never Pay Them Again When Traveling

Out-of-network ATM fees cost travelers an average of $4.66 per transaction. That adds up quickly if you’re planning a summer US road trip or traveling internationally where you don’t have access to compatible ATMs. Luckily, there’s an easy solution that any American can use.

The Secret Is Out

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Charles Schwab is notorious for offering brokerage services. But did you know you can open a checking account with them? Becoming the owner of a Schwab checking account and debit card grants you access to withdrawing fee-free money at over one million ATMs in 200+ countries.

Eligibility Requirements

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You must be an American citizen or resident to receive a Schwab debit card. Furthermore, you need to apply for a brokerage account before opening a checking account.

Minimum Balance Requirements

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Schwab doesn’t have minimum balance requirements. That’s the case for both brokerage and checking accounts. So, if you enjoy the perks of a traditional bank, you can use your Schwab as a secondary account for the free ATM withdrawal benefits, funding your checking account when you travel.

Rebate Limits

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Schwab offers unlimited rebates. So, you can use your debit card to withdraw your money as many times as you’d like throughout the month. As long as you use Schwab-compatible ATMs, you’ll receive a full rebate at the end of each month.

What’s the Catch?

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You must use an ATM compatible with Schwab debit cards. ATMs with a Plus, Interlink, STAR, or MoneyPass network are safe to use. If you use an ATM outside of Schwab’s network partnerships, you must cover the ATM fee.

The Other Catch

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Upon using a Schwab-compatible ATM, the fee will be removed from your account. Then, on the last business day of the month, Schwab will automatically deposit a rebate in your checking account for all the eligible ATM fees you accumulated in the past month.

Where You Can Use Your Schwab Card

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Schwab has partnered with ATMs across the USA and in over 200 countries and territories. In most destinations, the majority of the ATMs you encounter will be compatible with their debit card.

Foreign Transaction Charges

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The Schwab debit card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. No hidden charges here, folks.

Downsides Exist

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One of the biggest concerns people have with opening a Charles Schwab checking account is that Schwab doesn’t have in-person bank branches. They offer customers the option to do certain banking services through their brokerage branches, but the options are limited.

How You Can Use Your Schwab Card

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Despite not having in-person bank branches, Schwab’s mobile app offers a robust choice of banking options. You can pay bills, wire money, and transfer money between your Schwab checking and brokerage account, among many others.

Seamless Trips

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Schwab doesn’t require its customers to notify them of their travel plans; their technology is (mostly) savvy enough to pick up on fraudulent transactions. So, you can hop around from exploring the Grand Canyon to driving to Las Vegas, using your debit card along the way with little worry about them blocking your account.

Sneaky ATM Fees

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When using your Schwab debit card abroad (or any debit card, for that matter), always decline the ATMs currency conversion request. In almost all cases, having the ATM do so is more expensive than Schwab.

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