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15 Millionaires Spill the Beans on How They Became So Darn Wealthy

Want to become rich? One person asked millionaires on the internet to share how they became so wealthy, and this is how they responded.

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1: Perfect Timing

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A millionaire in the making made it big as a computer programmer in their 20s, right as the internet exploded in popularity. “I could wire up websites and databases back when internet technologies were new, and tooling was still primitive,” they said. “I never hit it big with a viral website like Facebook or Amazon, but I did charge a lot for programming services.” 

2: Savings Are Key 

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One millionaire said they always saved at least 40% of their pay and continually put it into stocks. The result? “Investment returns have outdone my savings for quite a while.”

3: Investing in the Internet 

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The early days of the internet were full of opportunity. “I started at a late 90s era “dot com,” says a current millionaire. “We went public, and I was suddenly worth eight figures in my 20s. Cashed out before the crash.”

4: We Are Family 

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One commenter who said they grew up below the poverty line is now swimming in cash thanks to someone else’s lucky day. “Last year, my fianc√©’s grandparents won a stupid amount of money in the lotto (double-digit millions). They were generous enough to share with the family.”

5: Military Millions 

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After 17 years in the Army, one savvy soldier is nearing a $2 million portfolio before they turn 40. “My officer pay was way higher, and in the Army, you don’t have very many bills,” they said. “I found I could save between 1k and 5k every month of my life. Just grind and save.”

6: Become a Landlord 

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One millionaire took out a massive loan in the ’90s, bought ten apartments, and furnished them. Years later, they rent them out and repeat the cycle. “I now have 30 apartments and one employee who I pay to maintain them. The key is finding good tenants and maintaining a good relationship with them.”

7: Making Investments 

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One commenter says they’re on track to being a millionaire by investing in their 401K. “Never really thought much of it until I did those calculators and realized that since I started so young, the compound interest on any investment account with a decent return would be huge.”

8: Try Your Luck 

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Gambling is a risky way to make money, but it worked for this commenter. “I actually hit big at a casino a while back. Not enough where I can afford to quit my job and buy a mansion, but I’m comfy.”

9: Live Like You’re Poor 

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Getting rich took a lot of work for this millionaire. It involved living frugally first. “Not buying new cars, not caring about what others think. Saving and investing and doing it again. For me, it was a slow game, but fun to watch it take off.”

10: It’s the Little Things 

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It may seem backward, but one millionaire believes you get rich by acting poor with things that don’t please your heart. “We like traveling, so we do that. I like photography, so I have a DSLR. My wife likes nail polish, so she has a big box full of them. I don’t care much about food, so I bag it, and we rarely eat out. Live simply, invest and spend wisely.”

11: Get Moving

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According to one commenter, being ready for anything is the key to millions. “Be willing to move anywhere for your job. Most big companies are looking for competent people who can go where they need them, be that person, and the money follows effortlessly.”

12: Short and Sweet 

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One commenter had a simple path for becoming a millionaire, “Got a degree in finance, became a financial advisor, worked my butt off.” They continued, “I should also add being frugal with money. If you are under the age of 35 and are gainfully employed, it is entirely possible to become a millionaire at some point in life.” 

13: Make Good Choices 

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Living like a millionaire means making smart decisions that keep you there. “I have a million dollars, but I won’t eat an orange if I have a free pear. On the one hand, that’s pathetic. On the other hand, that’s why I have a million dollars and don’t have to go to work anymore.

14: Born With It

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Some are luckier than others when it comes to their financial situations. One commenter was born into the millionaire life. “My parents, on the other hand, went from living in lower middle-class India, came to California for their Masters and Ph.D., and worked for massive tech companies for about 30 years.”

15: Don’t Cut Corners 

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One child of a millionaire says it takes hard work and determination to make big money. “I’m not trying to sound like a ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ kind of guy, but, in my mother’s case, she came from very little and is now very wealthy. There are people born into great wealth and prestige, but a lot of them work hard for it.”

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