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“The Guy After Trump.” Americans Predict How Biden Will Be Remembered

Some presidents, like Kennedy, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, remain in the public vernacular long after they’re gone. Others, like Harding, Fillmore, and Arthur, are rarely discussed outside of a history class. Americans discuss which type of president Biden will be. 

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Many thought that compared to other 21st-century presidents, Biden was on the bland side. “I don’t think he will be remembered much mostly due to the other 21st century presidents being way more notable than him,” one commenter said, going on to talk about Bush and 9/11, Obama and healthcare, and Trump being, well, Trump.  

Boring in a Good Way

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“I think he’ll be known as ‘the guy after Trump,'” predicts another person. “Infrastructure improvements and anti-inflation are well and good but not usually memorable (except with Eisenhower). He’s boring in a good way.”

Nothing Notable 

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“I don’t want to say that Biden is just minding shop while he’s President,” another person added. “But he hasn’t really been at the center of major political success or failure the way that other presidents have.” 

Lack of Charisma

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Several people noted that presidents like Kennedy, Obama, and other notables have distinct personalities and lots of charisma. They thought Biden had put in some effective policies but lacked when it came to presence, making him less memorable. 

List of Achievements 

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Others thought Biden had a lengthy list of achievements that warranted him a spot in the Presidential Hall of Fame. One person went as far as to list them, stating, “The infrastructure bill, the chips act, banning China from the critical supply chain, and uniting NATO in the wake of the Russian invasion” were all worth remembering. 

Not Enough 

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“Yeah, none of those things are gonna be easily remembered by high schoolers in 100 years, though,” another commenter pushed back. “Probably, [memorable by] a history buff, but Biden needs one big thing if he wants to be remembered easily.”

Still Time

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A few people pointed out that something extra memorable could still happen. “We can’t predict the future, I say,” said one person. “Something could happen tomorrow that would make Biden the most remembered president for the next 100 years.” 

On Record

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Others figured Americans have to remember Biden because, unlike presidents of the more distant past, everything Biden’s done has a digital record. “No president will ever be an unknown when every decision they make is broadcast on 24-hour news and the internet,” said one person. 

No Way To Forget

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“I think all modern presidents will be well known with all of the videos, social media, HD photos, and everything else we have documented,” another person agreed. “If we had that ability with Harding, people wouldn’t forget about him.”

Ask Gen-Z About Clinton

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A few people pointed out that a digital record doesn’t equate to memorability. As one commenter said, “There are kids alive right now who have zero thoughts or care about Clinton/W. Bush. Any of our modern presidents today could end up as obscure as Zachary Taylor to Americans 100 years from now.”

Political Dynasties

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Some thought Biden would make the history books because his family name would carry on. “With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hunter Biden and Don Jr run against each other in a decade,” one person said. 

Already Memorable

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Others noted that Biden is already a notable figure who deserves remembrance, regardless of how much he achieves as President. They talked about his years as a politician and his time as Obama’s Vice President. 

It Depends

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Many thought how well Americans will remember Biden remains to be seen. “Depends on how his last year in office goes and possibly his second term,” one person said. “But if he died right now, I would say he would be either the guy after Trump and before the next guy or the old out-of-touch guy.”

Immediate vs Distant Future

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“It depends on how far in the future you’re talking about,” another person pointed out. “I’d say in the short term, 50-100 years, Biden will be remembered, but unless something momentous happens during his presidency, I don’t see how he would be considered a major president after that.”

What Happens Next

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“It’s hard to tell,” yet another commenter agreed.  “He will be remembered for being the one who beat Trump, helped get us out of Covid, and stood against Putin, but it really depends on what happens next.”

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