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15 Amusing Words You’ll Never Look at the Same Way Again

Some people have a way with words, and some words have a way of making us laugh. One person asked the internet to share English words they think are inherently funny. Here are the best responses. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Fun To Say

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“I thought of tart,” the original poster said, kicking things off. Especially spoken in a British accent as a brief insult, they added. “Or umpti-thrumptiest. As in, ‘He proved for the umpti-thrumptiest time that he is a tart.'”

2: Not Unbelievable 

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“I’ve never heard of umpti-thrumptiest,” one person responded. “But since people say all sorts of stuff, I’ll accept that someone says that.” They added their favorite funny word into the mix, “Kumquat is funny.” 

3: Goofing Off 

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One person mentioned “shenanigans” as their favorite hilarious word. Not only is it fitting when you’re getting up to no good, but it’s equally fun to say aloud. 

4: Alphabet Soup 

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A seemingly naturally born linguist says anything with a “K” in it is fun to say. They point to “kerfuffle” as an example. 

5: To Name a Few 

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It’s subjective, a commenter says, but they had a few funny words that came to mind: “Codswallop (noun): Nonsense; Hullaballoo (noun): A commotion or fuss; Mollycoddle (verb, transitive): Treat someone in an overly indulgent way.” The list goes on. 

6: Silly Sayings 

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One Northeastern resident left “Gobbledygook” as an example of a hilarious English word. 

7: Blowing Up

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“I’ve always liked ‘bubbles,'” one English speaker said. “It’s not an onomatopoeia, but there’s something about the word bubbly that just feels bubbly.” They’re not wrong. 

8: Name Calling

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“Riff-raff” and “nincompoop” are pretty hilarious English words, according to one commenter. They also make for pointed insults. 

9: A Laughing Matter

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The word “poppycock” sends an English speaker into a giggle fit every time. “I just can’t keep a straight face whenever I hear it,” they said. 

10: Doctor’s Orders

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One person says while it may not be funny, it’s definitely fun to say “anesthesiologist.” Another responded, “Not as fun (or funny) as phlebotomist though.” 

11: Messing Around 

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“I think the word diddle is pretty funny,” one English speaker said. You tried saying it out loud, didn’t you? 

12: On a Roll 

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When they hit the bakery, one carbohydrate lover can’t help but think about how silly the word “pumpernickel” is, referring to the bread loaf, of course. 

13: Truly Confused 

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“The always classic, ‘bamboozle'”one person says about their favorite hilarious word. It honestly never gets old. 

14: It’s All Fake 

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A realist said while they know all words are technically made up, they love the word “sticktoitiveness,” meaning perseverance, because it sounds fake. “Sticktoitiveness is a perfectly cromulent word,” someone responded. 

15: Not English 

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“English doesn’t have that many funny words,” one naysayer said. Yiddish, on the other hand, has plenty that we’ve borrowed from. For example, “Schmuck: a foolish person; Schmutz: dirt; and Klutz: a clumsy person” have all been adopted into American English.

Source: Reddit.

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