The Secret Mount Srd Hike Path with the BEST Views

Mount Srđ sets the iconic backdrop for Dubrovnik’s old town, and hiking to the top is one of the most popular things to do. There are two ways to approach the Mount Srđ hike:

  • The traditional route
  • A secret path through Bosanka

If you’ve done some research, you may feel intimidated by finding the starting point for the Mount Srđ hike. I’ll show you how easy it is to find this traditional path and let you in on Bosanka’s secret scenic route.

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How To Find the Starting Point for the Mount Srđ Hike

Rocky path with views on the hike to Mount Srd.
A view from the traditional Mount Srđ hike.

I promised I’d tell you about the secret hiking path from Mount Srđ. And I will.

But first, it’s important to know that the best route for hiking to Mount Srđ is by taking the traditional switchback path. That’s the one that many hikers have trouble finding. The return hike to Dubrovnik is where the secret path comes into play, so stick with me while I get you to Mount Srđ.

The entrance to the traditional Mount Srđ hiking path is located on Jadranska Cesta Street.

In theory, Jadranska Cesta Street is easy to find since it’s a main road. It’s also the highest road in downtown Dubrovnik, wrapping around the base of the mountain that you’ll be hiking.

However, the Google map below shows how many side streets (the small white lines) connect with Jadranska Cesta Street. The green zig zag line marks the Mount Srđ hiking path.

The green, squiggly line is the traditional hiking path up to Mount Srd.
The green squiggly line is the traditional path to Mount Srđ and the one you should take when hiking up the mountain.

The bottom line? (No pun intended.)

Despite so many side streets, there aren’t many roads that connect with Jadranska Cesta Street.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re the figure-it-out-on-your-own type, simply go uphill from the old town. When you hit the end of a road, head to the right or left, then uphill some more.

You’ll likely do some backtracking, thanks to dead ends. But it’s a great opportunity to explore the beautiful community that sits above Dubrovnik’s old town.

Otherwise, if getting lost sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, pull out Google Maps, and it’ll take you to the entrance.

Entrance to the Mount Srđ Hike

Once you arrive at Jadranska Cesta Street, finding the Mount Srđ hiking path is easy.

You’ll already be at a small elevation, so you’ll be able to see the old town of Dubrovnik below. The starting point for the Mount Srđ hike is near an intersection, slightly to the left of the old town when facing the mountain with your back to the city.

Here’s what you need to look for:

The entrance to the Mount Srđ hiking path.
The entrance to the Mount Srđ hiking path.

It’s a humble entrance for a path that leads to such stunning views.

Mount Srđ Hike’s Terrain & Views

Views of Dubrovnik old town and Lokrum Island.
A view of Dubrovnik’s old town from the traditional Mount Srđ hike.

The path to Mount Srđ is rocky. So, save your flip-flops for the beach and put on some closed-toe shoes.

The rocks are small enough to walk on, and they help with traction. However, they’re big enough to throw you off balance if you aren’t watching your step.

The Mount Srđ hike starts out beneath the shade of pine trees. You’ll get occasional glimpses of the old town through the trees, but they aren’t worth the space on your camera compared to what you’ll soon see.

Before long, you’ll hike above the treeline. Make sure to bring lots of water and plenty of sunscreen since there isn’t shade.

Once you arrive at the open hiking trail, you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea.

Distance & Difficulty

It took me about 50 minutes to hike to the top of Mount Srđ from the old town, including plenty of time to stop and take in the views along the way.

Thanks to the switchback trail, I didn’t find this hike overly difficult, physically speaking. In fact, I felt more out of breath exploring the staircases of Dubrovnik’s old town.

That said, if you’re hiking on a hot sunny day, the hike can take a toll on you. There’s the occasional makeshift rock bench where you can sit, mostly located by the 12 crosses you’ll pass during the hike.

However, there’s no place to get shade, so during the summer, aim to hike in the morning or evening.

The Mount Srđ hike is free and isn’t monitored, so you can hike at any time and at any pace you desire.

Crowds on the Trail

Switchback path leading to Mount Srd.

I spent ten days in Dubrovnik at the end of May, just before high season technically starts.

Since the old town was already packed with people, I was surprised by just how few people I encountered on the Mount Srđ hike. And that was even when the cable car wasn’t running due to a court issue.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about the Mount Srđ hike being chock-full of people.

Travel Tip: Court issue or no court issue, it’s common for Dubrovnik’s cable car not to be running. I encourage you to check the cable car’s website for details on whether it’ll operate during your travel dates.

What To Do at the Top of Mount Srđ

Since you will have just come from hiking, don’t expect to get to the top of Mount Srđ and suddenly have an entirely new view, as you would with hikes through foliage-filled areas.

That isn’t to undermine just how incredibly breathtaking the views are, though, both during the hike and from the top of the mountain.

Aside from enjoying the scenery, there’s a Homeland War Museum inside the fortress that’s dedicated to the history of the war from 1991 – 1995. The entrance fee is 30 Kuna (under $5 USD) for adults. Children under 12 are free.

Inside the Homeland War Museum at the top of Mount Srd.
Inside the Homeland War Museum at the top of Mount Srđ.

If you’re looking for a nice (but expensive) dining experience, the Panorama Restaurant offers indoor seating with incredible views and outdoor seating built down along the side of the mountain.

Panorama’s menu covers everything from coffee and dessert to a light lunch or a large Croatian meal.

Hiking From Mount Srđ Back to Dubrovnik

Once you’ve gotten your fill of Mount Srđ, don’t return the way you came.

Instead, head down the mountain on the opposite end, along the paved road that leads away from the cross statue. This road will take you to the town of Bosanka.

If you’re unsure whether you’re headed in the right direction, look for the Konoba Dubrava Restaurant sign by the parking lot at Mount Srđ.

The walk from Mount Srđ to Bosanka takes around 15 minutes, assuming you manage to do so without stopping to gawk at the beautiful views. I gladly failed at completing the walk in such a short amount of time.

A view of Dubrovnik on the walk to Bosanka.
A view of Dubrovnik on the walk to Bosanka.

Although the road to Bosanka is a common route for tour buses to pass through, I was stunned that I was the only tourist walking it.

The road offers a different—and, in my opinion, better—view of Dubrovnik’s old town compared to the traditional hiking path. Just as wonderful, the road to Bosanka offers views of the coast south of Dubrovnik.

Needless to say, even if you decide to hike Mount Srđ one way and take the cable car the other, I encourage you to stroll down the road to Bosanka before leaving Mount Srđ.

Note: The road to Bosanka is stunning, but it’s not the secret path. Let’s touch on Bosanka for a minute, then we’ll get to the extra good stuff 😊

What To Do in Bosanka

Bosanka is a tiny town in the mountains which was burned to the ground during the war of the 1990s.

Although it’s not a tourist attraction, if you have ten minutes to spare, Bosanka is a nice town to roam around, as there are some pretty countryside roads.

You’ll come across plenty of newer housing that was built after Bosanka was liberated in 1992 and skeletons of former houses sitting sadly but picturesquely around the town.

An abandoned house in Bosanka.

There’s also a restaurant in Bosanka called Konoba Dubrava, which is located on the main road. Walk past the intersection, and a street to the left will take you there.

I was hungry at this point and willing to pay just about anything for a meal. What I wasn’t expecting was a menu letting me know that I would have to wait three hours to eat.

To be fair, there were other items on Konoba Dubrava’s limited menu that could be ordered on the spot. However, Konoba Dubrava is known for its “under the bell” dishes. These slow-cooked meat and octopus meals are the epitome of traditional Croatian food.

If you plan on eating at Konoba Dubrava, they take phone orders so that you can arrive at the time of your choosing for a prepared meal.

Hiking to Dubrovnik From Bosanka

The rocky, overgrown, but beautiful path from Bosanka to Dubrovnik.
The secret Mount Srđ hiking path.

You made it!

Now I’ll cover how to hike the secret path back to Dubrovnik.

Once you’ve walked around Bosanka and stuffed yourself full at Konoba Dubrava, let your hiking trip continue!

It just so happens that your hike starts by backtracking slightly.

When arriving in Bosanka on the main road from Mount Srđ, and as you near the three-way intersection, look to your right and you’ll see a sign pointing the way to “Grad Old City.”

Follow this short path through the woods, and you’ll arrive on the other side with unobstructed views of Dubrovnik, the Adriatic Sea, and some pretty amazing—and unkempt—stone stairs.

The unkempt stairs were among the best parts of this hike. And the purple and yellow wildflower bushes growing between the rocks made the beautiful scenery all the better.

You’ll come across an occasional sign pointing you to Dubrovnik’s old city, which seemed unnecessary to me, given that there’s only one path, and you’ll be staring at the city the entire way down.

During the hike, I only came across one couple enjoying views from the single bench present along the hike.

As a single female traveler, I oftentimes avoid hiking on desolate paths. However, this path is entirely open (no woods), and knowing that the road was in sight below, I felt completely safe.

Travel Tip: I’m usually all about going against the grain, but this isn’t the time to do so. If you hike in the reverse order from Dubrovnik to Bosanka, your back will be to the old town for the entire hike.

Arriving in Dubrovnik

Path leading into Dubrovnik town.
The view as you arrive in Dubrovnik from the Bosanka hike.

When you finish hiking down the stone steps, you’ll come to a main road. Look to your right and there will be a pedestrian tunnel leading down to the next main road.

You’ll now be back in the residential outskirts of Dubrovnik. Keep making your way downwards and to the right, and you’ll soon come to the old town port.

The hike from Bosanka to the Dubrovnik port took me about 25 minutes. However, you can easily do so more quickly if you don’t stop to take a gazillion photos as I did.

Bringing Your Dog Along?

If you’re traveling with your dog, Wet Nose Escapades created a great video highlighting the many canine-friendly places you can explore with your dog in Dubrovnik. Check it out here: Dog Travel in Dubrovnik

Photo Essay

Are you a visual learner?

Below is a step-by-step photo guide of the Mount Srđ hike I described in this article. And if you’re on the fence about whether to hike Mount Srđ, I hope these pictures inspire you to do so.

The beginning of the Mount Srd hiking path, which is wooded and shady.
The beginning of the Mount Srđ hiking path, which is wooded and shady.
The Stations of the Cross are found at the switchbacks of the Mount Srd hike.
The Stations of the Cross along the switchbacks of the Mount Srđ hike.
A view of Dubrovnik old town, about half way up the Mount Srd hike.
A view of Dubrovnik’s old town, about halfway up the Mount Srđ hike.
A view of the coast south of Dubrovnik from the road leading to Bosanka.
A view of the coast south of Dubrovnik from the road leading to Bosanka.
This photo was taken from one of two formal lookout points on the road from Mount Srd to Bosanka.
I took this photo from one of two formal lookout points on the road from Mount Srđ to Bosanka.
The road to Bosanka passes entirely through the countryside, with ruins scattered about.
The road to Bosanka passes through the countryside with ruins scattered about.
The entrance to Bosanka is simple, but impossible to miss.
The entrance to Bosanka.
The entrance to the stone pathway leading from Bosanka to Dubrovnik.
The entrance to the stone path leading from Bosanka to Dubrovnik.
A view of the coast south of Dubrovnik, when first starting the Bosanka hike.
A view of the coast south of Dubrovnik when you first start the Bosanka hike.
A view of Dubrovnik old town when hiking down from Bosanka.
A view of Dubrovnik old town when hiking down from Bosanka.
Stone steps on the hike from Bosanka to Dubrovnik.
I had views of Dubrovnik the entire hike down. However, a different, beautiful view greeted me when I turned around to look up the stone steps.
Views of Dubrovnik as I approached the end of the stone path leading from Bosanka.
Views of Dubrovnik as I approached the end of the stone path leading from Bosanka.

Are You Ready for the Mount Srđ Hike?

View of Dubrovnik old town after hiking to Mount Srd.

Curiosity led me to stumble upon the Bosanka hiking route to Dubrovnik. It was the most memorable day during my time in Dubrovnik, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Do you have questions about hiking to Mount Srđ? Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

I’d also love to hear about your experience and takeaways after you complete the hike.

P.S.- Do you need help planning your Dubrovnik getaway? My 3 Days in Dubrovnik itinerary can get you started. Or, if you want to take a trip outside of Dubrovnik, check out my post on taking a day trip to Cavtat.

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  1. Your description and pictures of the secret path down from the mountain are incredible. I suffer from moderate fear of heights, and cannot quite figure out from the pictures just how exposed to vertical drops the path is?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Marianne, great question! The path is narrow and at a pretty steep downhill incline, but it doesn’t have sharp drop-offs, if that makes any sense. In other words, if you were to lose your balance and fall to either side of the path, you’d either stay in one place or roll down the slope of the hill a bit. I recommend giving it a go since the views on the walk to Bosanka alone are worth it. Plus, even a few minutes of the hike offer beautiful views of the path with Dubrovnik in the distance. If you decide that the hike isn’t a good fit for you, you can always turn around and take a bus from Bosanka back to Dubrovnik. I hope this helps 🙂

  2. Thanks for the advice. We took the road and steps down and loved the different views offered by this route – it was probably also easier onthe joints as the road and steps were much easier to walk along. Ending up in the old town was great as we could then take the bus back to our hotel.

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