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Women Reveal 15 Harsh Truths That Have Made Them Better People

It’s tough being a woman, but it’s easier when you have advice from other gals to help you through. In an online forum titled “Ask Women,” one person asked fellow females what harsh truths made them better people. The ladies spoke up.  

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1: Game Over 

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Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “If they wanted to, they would.” One woman agrees wholeheartedly. “If they act like they don’t care, they don’t,” she said. “People who play games do not respect or take you seriously and most likely never will. Move on.” 

2: Plan Ahead 

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Self-betterment is a constant personal journey, one woman said. “No one will make me a better person. It’s my, and only my, job. It is a never-ending process. So whatever happens, as long as you have another day, have a plan for it.” 

3: Fake Friends 

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If you’ve got a work bestie, you may want to look closer at that relationship. One woman’s harsh realization was that coworker friendships aren’t real. “Absolutely,” another colleague agreed. “One promotion or raise by one person can ruin those friendships.” 

4: Be Unapologetic 

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Most women are used to putting their wants aside to save face, but it doesn’t have to be that way. “You can say no, and you don’t have to be sorry for it,” one woman said. Another added, “People who can’t accept a ‘no’ without being offended aren’t worth your time anyway.” 

5: Lesson Learned 

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One girl snapped at her mother for making her scrub the floor while experiencing painful period cramps. Her mother’s response? Suck it up. And that ended up being a helpful but harsh lesson. “It taught me that no teacher, employer, or stranger will ever care that I’m in pain. It sucks, but it’s been best to suck it up and not let it show.”

6: Don’t Assume 

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“Everyone is entitled to have their own private thoughts and feelings,” one woman said. “If you need to know something, ask directly, but don’t assume, and respect it if there are things they [people] don’t want to share.” Another woman responded that this concept made their relationships easier. 

7: Do It Yourself 

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Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, one resilient woman said. “No one is going to do anything for you your whole life. Learn to be dependent on yourself.” 

8: Look Inward 

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“Until you address your brokenness, those who feed on that energy will keep finding you and breaking you even more,” one woman advised. “I can’t agree more with you on this one,” another woman cheers. “Being confident and standing up for yourself firmly is something that makes way for you.” 

9: Protect Yourself 

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Setting and maintaining boundaries is essential, according to several women in the forum. “No matter how much you want to open your heart to people and rescue strangers or family members, you must still be very wary of your boundaries.”

10: Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness 

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One intelligent woman learned a harsh truth after sinking years into pursuing academic success, only to realize that chasing success only leads to misery. “It’s better to be happy than successful,” they said.

11: Nobody Cares 

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It’s easy to feel like all eyes are on you, but some women encourage otherwise. “Nobody is looking at you. Stop worrying about it,” one said. “Absolutely this,” another agreed. “For better and worse, it changed my thinking a LOT to acknowledge that people simply aren’t thinking about me.” 

12: True Love 

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While one woman wishes everyone showed each other sunshine and rainbows, that’s not reality. “It would be really nice if people accepted you as you are, but they won’t,” she said. “There will always be someone around to judge you. The only unconditional love you’ll ever get may be from yourself.”

13: Rinse and Repeat 

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“It’s entirely up to you to get stuff done,” one independent woman told others. A relatable lady immediately took that advice: “Guess I’ll go do the laundry then. Ugh.” 

14: Life Is Unfair 

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One woman learned that life isn’t fair, and the golden rule of character applies. “You can’t rely on other people for validation. Being good and fair and kind needs to be its own reward,” she said. “This means you should do what is right without expectation or contract. The second part is the hardest.” 

15: Lift Yourself Up 

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Experiencing a falling out in any relationship can be hard. It’s worse when you never know why. “Sometimes, you’re just never going to get closure. And that’s okay,” one woman said. “We can restore inner peace in other ways… said ways will sometimes be harder and more convoluted.” 

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