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We’re in the Golden Age of These 15 Things, According to Big Thinkers

We’ve all pondered if we were born in the wrong generation. So it’s helpful to appreciate what we have right now. People took to the internet to share what they believe we’re in the Golden Age of.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: It’s All Information 

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Nowadays, we have access to pretty much anything at our fingertips. One older Millennial said they live in constant envy of the childhood they never got to experience. “I couldn’t find monologues for auditions, resources to learn a new language, or download a book in seconds,” they say.

2: Is This Thing On? 

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A couple of commenters said we’re in the Golden Age of podcasts. Whether you love hearing about true crime or this week’s buzziest celebrity drama, there’s a podcast for nearly everyone.

3: Learning A New Language 

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We’ve come a long way since Rosetta Stone. One commenter marvels at how learning a new language is easier than ever. “I’ve been working really hard on learning Spanish, and every time I understand something on TV or overhear a conversation, it just blows my mind that it’s something my brain can do and that this little square thing in my pocket taught me.”

4: Finding Fossils 

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Jurassic Park is becoming a reality. Not really, but one history buff said we’re uncovering world history faster than ever before. “We’ve discovered more species and found more fossils that explain prehistoric animal behavior than at any other point in history, just in the past 20 years or so.”

5: Burnin’ Up

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Foodies have thrown their opinion in the ring, saying we’re in the Golden Age of “spicy chicken sandwiches and literally nothing else.” Fair enough.

6: Two Sides of the Coin

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Our access to information seems to be a blessing and a curse, with some commenters saying there’s no time like the present for “disinformation” as well.

7: Armchair Experts 

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We live in a time when everyone can be an expert about anything, and some see the consequences. “People that can’t spell ‘efficacy’ are lecturing me about vaccines, people who can’t define ‘syllabus’ talking about what’s going on in ALL schools, people that haven’t seen a movie crow about its context… It’s weird,” says one forum user.

8: Zooming Through Life 

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Many commenters were impressed with the horsepower in their daily drives. “If you had told me just 15 years ago that it would be common to have 450+HP stock and still get 25+MPG with all the creature comforts and for a reasonable price, there’s no way anyone would have believed it. Yet here we are with the Mustang GT, Camaro SS, Challenger R/T, and even the Corvette!”

9: Everything’s Automatic 

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Nobody knows if AI will take over the world. For now, we’re playing nice. One commenter says it’s “Cool enough to play with but hasn’t completely ruined our world yet.”

10: Listen To The Music 

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One commenter says, “Having a massive library of music everywhere you go” is a huge perk of modern technology. With millions of songs available with a simple subscription, even iPods have become obsolete.

11: Corporate Greed

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“Everything just keeps going up in price: rent, gas, homes, food, water, power, and anything else you can think of. But I can only manage to increase my income if I job hop constantly,” complains one person. “Meanwhile, I’m getting told by millionaires/billionaires not to buy coffee or go out to eat.”

12: Swift Success 

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Love or hate Taylor Swift, it’s hard to deny her incredible success. “What a time to be a Swiftie. The sheer volume of content she’s producing is just unreal,” says one commenter. “The vault tracks. The Eras tour. The albums. The videos. If you’re a TSwift fan, this is the prime time for it.”

13: Entertainment 

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On top of the tried and true methods of entertainment, one commenter expanded on the modern ways to spend your free time, “You could kill a day with just YouTube channel subscription videos. Or Game Pass games. Or any of the streaming services. And so on.”

14: Staying Connected 

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Communication is key, and according to one commenter, it’s never been easier than today. “We can hold video calls, collaborate on work, spread news, and play games with little latency around the globe. As much as we use those capabilities for the wrong reasons at times, it’s still incredible to think about.”

15: Wine About It

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There’s never been a better time for wine, but it won’t be that way for long, according to one commenter. “Bottling and preservation techniques are the best they have ever been, which is good because global warming is happening. Soon, many places where they grow grapes will become inhospitable, and it’s not like they can just move the vineyards.”

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