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From Souvenirs to Soulmates: 9 Times Dating Abroad Didn’t End Badly for Travelers

Do you dream of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right on your next international vacation? These lovebird stories will give you hope.

1: Mission Uncompleted

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Eager to start her digital nomad journey, one traveler set sights on Poland. The problem? She met a guy there. The once aspiring digital nomad found a job, began a year-long lease in Warsaw, and bought a pet. Now, the couple travels the world with their stepson, calling the woman’s adventure a total digital nomad failure.

2: Into the Mountains 

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While searching for a trekking partner, this traveler met his fiance. The couple met in Kathmandu, Nepal, and began trekking in the mountains for a month. Soon after, they parted ways, and the traveler returned to the States. After a few visits back and forth, the couple got engaged in North Carolina. 

3: Eyes Never Lie

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One woman was studying abroad when she decided to take a quick weekend trip to Spain with friends. On a night out dancing, she locked eyes with a French man and learned they had coincidentally been staying at the same hostel. They spent the night on a rooftop, drinking wine and looking at the stars. She ended up moving to France so they could be together. 

4: Dating App Success

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After landing in Moscow, a traveler’s friend wanted to make him a dating profile. He soon matched with a Russian woman, and they hit it off instantly. They had the same interests and spent over four hours talking; they stayed in contact and met up again later. The traveler describes the experience as “the best week of their life.”

5: Persuasive Papa

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One individual recalls her parent’s love story of over four decades. Their father had just gotten out of the Peace Corps and was traveling around the Pacific when he met their mom, a travel agent in Guam who was helping him out. He convinced her to travel with him, and they married three months later in Thailand.

6: Prince Charming 

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One traveler met their wife in a hostel in Lisbon when a friend invited him over. He noticed a party being thrown for a woman and approached her. Soon after, the traveler and the woman visited Algarve for a few weeks and kept in touch for almost a year. He asked for her hand in marriage in a castle in the Hungarian countryside.

7: Catching Flights

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A traveler met his partner the day before he flew from Japan to Seoul. The pair stayed in touch via video chats before he cut his trip short to see her. After doing long distance for months, she moved to his home base of Australia, where they live together. 

8: Mother Nature

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One American traveler met her Danish husband at a hostel in Bali. She recalls getting ready to fly to another location when a volcano erupted, causing all flights to be canceled. It ended up giving the couple four days to learn more about each other. Now, they’re married and have a son. It’s safe to say Mother Nature had other plans.

9: Platonically in Love

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One individual recalls the day they met their wife, saying their exchange was love at first sight. Their wife, however, claims the interaction was completely platonic. After days of texting back and forth, the couple decided to go on a date, and the rest was history. She invited the traveler to a friend’s wedding, they moved to a different country, and the pair survived the pandemic together. 

Love Abroad

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A study found that 66% of travelers believe meeting new people abroad leads to a better experience, with one in five people meeting their spouses on holiday.

Finding Love Abroad 

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If hoping to make new friends or meet “the one” while traveling, many travelers stay in hostels. Hostels offer the opportunity to connect with solo travelers at a more cost-efficient price. 

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