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“Friends” Fans Share Their Favorite Memories of Matthew Perry Playing Chandler Bing

The 1994 sitcom “Friends” stole fans’ hearts for the ten seasons it ran. And now, Americans and foreigners alike are mourning the loss of Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, after an apparent drowning on October 28th. These are their favorite memories of watching Perry in “Friends.”

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

All Mine

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Many fans agreed that the scene where Chandler exclaims, “The cushions are the essence of the chair!” is their favorite. One person points out “They had like 4 storylines going on at once and never left the apartment.” Now that’s talent.

Get Your Dance On

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Chandler’s “goofy dancing” always put a smile on one “Friends” lover’s face. They add, “RIP Matthew. Thanks for the laughs.”

Stuffed to the Brim

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“The entire episode where he and Jen are eating cheesecake is a comedic gold mine,” says one commenter. “It never fails to make me smile.”


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A “Friends” fan points out a foreshadowing scene where Chandler says goodbye to Mr. Heckles when leaving his apartment. “Farewell, Chandler — we’ll try to keep laughing,” they add.

An Option

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Several people agreed that a scene between the character Joey Tribbiani and Chandler is one of their favorites. “Joey Tribbiani: I was tryin’ to make a sale!! Oh, man, if I ever run into that guy again, do you know what I’m gonna do? Chandler Bing: BEND OVER?!!!”

Can’t Smile

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An American overseas used to watch “Friends” every night to help stave off homesickness. They say that the episode “where Chandler can’t smile is one of my all-time favorites.”

A Big Ask

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Many fans cited the Yemen episode as their favorite Chandler scene. “When we get to Yemen, can I stay with you?” is a line engrained in many hearts and smiles.

All of Them

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Some people couldn’t pick between their favorite Chandler scenes. In “every one of his scenes, he was my favorite,” says a die-hard fan.

No Need for Words

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“Dude didn’t even need to speak to be the funniest guy on TV,” comments a Perry fan about the scene where Chandler was working out with Monica, and he silently leaves the apartment when she tries to get him to do more.

True Love

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The scene where Chandler proposes to Monica is a favorite for several “Friends” fans. “He and Monica looked so happy at that moment,” a fan passionately said.

Wise Advice

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“You have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance” is one person’s favorite Chandler line. Another person commented that they saw Perry on a morning show once, and he said that this was also his favorite line when playing Chandler.

Perfect Response

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The favorite Chandler seen by some fans was “when Emily finally called Ross, and in his awkward panic, Ross just hands Chandler a lamp.” Regardless of whether or not the scene was scripted, “Chandler did such a great job with his response.”


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“When Phoebe was trying to call his [Chandler’s] bluff on dating Monica and attempted to seduce him” is the favorite scene for one fan who ended with a crying emoji. “I’ve been scrolling to see this one,” agrees another commenter.

He Was My Favorite

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“I used to watch ‘Friends’ every night before bed, and it was a comfort when I was going through a really hard time,” says a “Friends” fan. “I don’t even have a favorite. He [Perry] was just my favorite.”

Fast Forward

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“I loved his vulnerability during the recent reunion,” says a fan about Perry. “He was a treasure.”

The End

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The very last scene of “Friends” is a favorite Chandler moment for several viewers. The sitcom ends with the characters leaving their apartment to get coffee one last time, and Chandler said, “Sure. Where?” Another person jumped in, saying, “A perfect ending for a sitcom if there ever was one.”

Source: Reddit.

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