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16 Foreigners Share Their Impressions of the U.S. and Americans

Ever wonder what the Land of the Free looks like in the eyes of foreign tourists? These travelers spill the beans on their first impressions of the U.S.

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1: Oxymorons

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Upon visiting the U.S., one foreigner ventures that it “feels like a land of double standards and oxymorons.” They describe how odd it seems that a 16-year-old can use a firearm, but Americans consider it absurd for the same teen to drink a beer. Oh, and don’t forget that 18-year-olds can go to war, adds another.

2: Vibrant Scenery

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A foreigner who loves traveling to the U.S. says the physical characteristics of the U.S. are unmatched. The U.S. has “a beautiful, varied natural landscape alongside vibrant and novel cities.”

3: Never Too Broke

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A former visitor to the U.S. comments how strange it was to them during their visit that no matter how poor an American was, they still always seemed to have a car.

4: Inherent Simplicity

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A foreigner who’s spent over two years of their life in the U.S. says, “There’s an inherent simplicity in a lot of [American] infrastructure that we don’t have in much older countries.” They explain that roads are easy to navigate, and with the exception of Los Angeles and New York City, “driving is a pleasure.”

5: Double Trouble

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“People are really insanely nice” is the first point on a list of 13 impressions one foreigner shares about the U.S. That said, when in groups of friends the same age, they noticed that Americans are loud and “can act kind of childish/obnoxious.”

6: Bigger Everything

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A foreign tourist couldn’t help but notice that everything is bigger in the U.S. They list the “people, food portions, cities, [and] events” as some of the bigger things they experienced compared to their country.

7: Seriously Worried

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One foreigner says they’re “seriously worried” about American health and human rights. They express concerns about “capitalism gone wrong,” pointing the finger at the American government for what they believe is “slowly infecting the entirety of the global economy, enabling the 0.01% to rule the entire world further.”

8: Welcoming and Helpful

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A well-traveled foreigner who lived in the U.S. for a year says Americans are always welcoming and helpful. “I always found I can make friends with Americans in 2 minutes, whereas other nationalities take some work.”

9: Fundamentalist Obsessions

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A foreign tourist to the States came away with two impressions of the U.S. First, Americans are “obsessed with personal freedom to the point that they will put other people’s lives in danger.” Secondly, they felt there’s a “fair share of crazy religious fundamentalists.”

10: The Poor Are Rich

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A Mexican tourist to the U.S. noticed how ungrateful Americans seem to be despite all they have. They say, “Even the poor are rich” compared to many countries, and corruption isn’t rampant.

11: You Couldn’t Pay Me

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A foreigner who visited the U.S. says, “You couldn’t pay me enough to live there.” From their experience, Americans have an “individualist attitude,” an unbalanced and elitist education system, and a “parasitical” healthcare system.

12: The Default

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A British tourist remembers their experience with Americans as being “overly emotional” and “very divided.” That said, they describe the U.S. as “the default,” explaining that because American shows are so prevalent on international TV stations, watching a British show “almost feels like I’m watching a foreign film.”

13: No Street Dogs

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An Ethiopian was surprised how they didn’t see homeless dogs roaming American streets. In their home country, “big homeless dogs run and walk around the streets.”

14: Hamburgers Galore

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Hamburgers really are as big of a deal in the U.S. as the stereotype goes in the eyes of one foreigner. Another commenter says, “McDonald’s. That’s it, one word. McDonald’s.”

15: Just Okay

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A tourist left the U.S. feeling like it’s an okay country, saying there’s “a lot of good there, a lot of bad there as well.” Based on their travels, they say, “If I had to choose where I could live between Europe, Canada, Australia, or the USA, the USA would be at the bottom of that list.”

16: Walmart People

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One foreigner’s impression of the U.S. is how people who are overweight abound. They also lump this category with “Walmart people,” as the large retail chain left a clear impression on them.

Source: Reddit.

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