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17 Foods Americans Would Hate If They Weren’t American

Have you ever stopped to think that some foods would seem gross if you weren’t born and raised with them? These are foods (and drinks) commonly found in the US that Americans say they’d likely put a hard pass on if they weren’t born in the US.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Biscuits and Gravy

Plate of biscuits and gravy.
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“I totally get why non-Americans are put off by biscuits and gravy,” observes a biscuits and gravy lover. Objectively, it looks like vomit. They could see themselves being “scared to try it” if they weren’t American.

2: Low-Quality Hot Dogs

Man holding a hot dog.
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Several Americans say they’d have nothing against a good quality hot dog if they arrived in the US as a foreigner. But if it weren’t for being born in the Land of the Free, they believe that they’d turn their noses up to low-quality hot dogs.

“I am a shameless lover of the garbage concession stand hot dog,” says one commenter. “Yes, I know they are gross. I know buns are not supposed to be steamed like that. I am well aware there are some nuclear waste levels of yellow Heinz mustard coming out of that oversized, bulk, pump container.” But being born and raised in the US, they love concession stand hot dogs anyway.

3: Second That

Hot dog.
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A woman says she grew up eating gas station hot dogs but ended up stopping for years. So, she gets why, if she were a foreigner, she probably wouldn’t like the low-quality food. When she started craving gas station hot dogs again, she said, “That’s how I knew I was pregnant.”

4: Jell-O

Bowl of Jell-O.
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“I loved it as a kid, but as an adult, any of the Jell-O creations are just a pass for me,” says an American who believes they would hate Jell-O if it weren’t for being born in the US. They clarify that while they don’t outright hate Jell-O as an adult, they don’t desire it.

5: Fluffernutter

Fluffernutter sandwich.
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Fluffernutter is weird, according to an American. “It was my favorite dessert growing up,” they said. But as an adult, they recognize that it’s probably not something they’d be keen to eat if they hadn’t ever been exposed to it.

6: Root Beer

Root beer float.
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“I love root beer,” says an American. However, “I’ve yet to meet a European who doesn’t think it tastes like medicine.” Another commenter chimed in that when they were teaching in Japan, their students thought root beer was gross, so they had them smell cough syrup. “100% smelled like root beer,” says the former teacher.

7: Hershey’s Chocolate

Pile of Chocolate.
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American chocolate lovers, get ready for your heart to break. A rather confused US native says that Hersey’s chocolate is a food Americans would hate if they weren’t American, according to the reviews they’ve heard from Europeans. “Apparently, it tastes like vomit to people who didn’t grow up eating it.”

8: Boston Baked Beans

Bowl of Boston baked beans.
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To Bostonians, there’s nothing like Boston baked beans. However, one person points out that if they weren’t American, “I would be confused at how sweet this bean and pork dish is.”

9: Sour Cream

Plate of nachos.
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A sour cream lover says they’re not so sure they’d like sour cream if it weren’t for them being born in the US. “I made nachos one time for Asian friends, and they thought sour cream was absolutely disgusting.”

10: Hot Pockets

Box of Hot Pockets.
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Hot Pockets is the food a person believes they would downright hate if they didn’t grow up with it. Another commenter asks, “Anyone else read this [Hot Pockets] in 3 notes?”

11: Fake Cheese

Jar of Cheez Whiz.
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Cheez Whiz and Velveeta are two kinds of cheese Americans say they’d likely despise if it weren’t for being American. Another person adds, “Cheez Whiz in a spray can.”

12: Cole Slaw

Bowl of cole slaw.
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An American ponders that they probably would hate cole slaw if they grew up in a different country because they’ve met many Americans who haven’t been raised on it and don’t like it. “Yeah, I was thinking potato salad,” adds a commenter about hate-worthy foods that contain mayonnaise. “Cole slaw is in that same category.”

13: Condensed Tomato Soup

Bowl of tomato soup.
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Campell’s condensed tomato soup is a food that one American can’t see mingling well with their taste buds if they were born overseas. Another commenter asks, “Water or milk?” They explain, “Most people say milk, but I grew up with water, and the milk makes it too sweet for me.”

14: Hamburgers

Man holding a hamburger by the American flag.
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Meat lovers, close your eyes. A self-described picky burger-eating American says hamburgers are an American food they probably wouldn’t have enjoyed if they arrived in the US as a foreigner. “I’ve found that I’m pretty picky with what burgers I like. If I wasn’t American, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have tried enough to find the kind I like.”

15: Meatloaf

Sliced meatloaf.
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“I am American, and I find meatloaf revolting, even though I grew up with it,” says one commenter who didn’t have to think much about their answer. Another American agreed. “I always refer to it as a meat cake with ketchup icing.”

16: Little Debbie’s

Little Debbie Spring Party Cakes.
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Many Americans rushed in to share their and their family’s love for Little Debbie’s desserts while recognizing they may not be something they would enjoy if they weren’t American. A commenter validated that view. “My wife grew up eating them, and I didn’t. She still loves them because of the nostalgia, but they are so obviously nasty to me. Give me anything Hostess, though.”

17: Bologna, All of It

Bologna sandwich.
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An Oklahoma resident says that while smoked bologna is a staple in their home, it’s “objectively pretty gross.” Another American chimes in saying how much they love fried bologna, though they can see why they would hate it if they hadn’t been born in the US.

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