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22 Signs That Scream Florida Transplant, Florida Natives Disclose Their Biggest Complaints

Florida is a hotspot for snowbirds and younger folks alike seeking everything from warmer weather to no state income tax and a change of politics. But according to some Florida natives, no matter how long a transplant has been a resident in the Sunshine State, it’s obvious they’re not from there.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: It’s I-4

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Floridians have grown up hearing “I-4” used when referring to Interstate 4. Although Floridians know it’s perfectly acceptable to shorten I-75 and I-95 to “75” and “95,” they know they’re talking with a non-native when they hear someone say “4” when referring to “I-4.”

2: An Instagram Paradise

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A native Floridian says they know they’re dealing with a Florida transplant when they’re “constantly” taking pictures of any beach they visit and posting them online.

3: Weather Eye Candy

Palm trees.
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A native Floridian says they can spot a transplant if they’re “amazed by the weather.” The heat and humidity aren’t noteworthy to locals.

4: Come Again?

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Many Florida locals agree that one of the most obvious signs that they’re dealing with a transplant is the way they talk. As one person puts it, the moment non-Florida natives open their mouths, locals can tell they’re not from there.

5: Mispronouncing Kissimmee

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No, it’s not “kiss-sim-me.” A Florida native says the moment they hear someone say that they know they’re not a local. However, many Floridians diverge in how they pronounce Kissimmee. “Kiss-uh-mee” is used by some, while “kuh-sim-ee” is widely accepted.

6: Appearance Is Everything

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One Florida native says that “simply their appearance” is enough of a sign that a person is a Florida transplant. They claim that non-Floridians have a different facial structure and posture, citing they can often tell the difference between northeasterners and midwesterners.

7: What’s a Blinker?

Blinker on a car.
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People who use their blinkers when driving are putting the spotlight on themselves as someone not from Florida, according to one local.

8: The Grass Is Browner

Fence with green grass on one side and brown on the other.
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Not all Floridians love their state. But you can bet your manatee bottom that many don’t enjoy hearing out-of-staters complain about it. A local says they can tell someone is a transplant when they talk about how good things in their life used to be.

9: Golfing Has Seasons

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Um, no, it doesn’t have to. If you describe golfing as a “summer” sport while in the Sunshine State, that’s a fast-track way to peg yourself as a Florida transplant, according to one local.

10: Wearing Shorts All the Time

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Florida can get downright cold during the winter, especially in the north. One commenter says a telltale sign that someone isn’t a Florida native is when they walk around in shorts when it’s 60 degrees out.

11: Sports Merch

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Wearing out-of-state sports merch is a quick way for a native Floridian to know a person isn’t from the Sunshine State. However, one local says that sporting a “conspicuous amount” of local sports merch is also a giveaway that someone wasn’t born and raised as a Floridian.

12: Too Hot to Handle

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Florida residents complaining about how hot the weather is in April and May are prime subjects for native Floridians to identify as transplants.

13: Startled by Lizards

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No, lizards aren’t baby alligators waiting to grow large enough to eat you. A native Floridian says they know someone is from out-of-state when they’re scared by “a baby lizard no more than 2 inches long.”

14: Sprinkle Me Cautious

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One commenter says they know they’re dealing with a non-native Floridian when they turn their hazard lights on and drive 10 miles per hour in the rain.

15: Blinding Bumper Stickers

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One Florida native says they know they’re dealing with a Florida transplant when they see a car filled with “shiny new Floridian bumper stickers.”

16: Gator Phobia

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Alligator sightings are part of life for most Floridians. So, one local says they know they’ve spotted a Florida transplant when a person has an utter fear of gators.

17: Too Dangerous to Drink

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A telltale sign that someone isn’t from Florida is when they insist on getting the pipes in their home filtered, says one native resident. They explain that people from out-of-state are under the impression that Florida’s water is “dangerous or tastes gross.”

18: Nebraska Fish

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One Florida native says they can tell someone isn’t from the Sunshine State when a person starts “floundering in the surf” and requires a lifeguard to help them out of waist-high water. “We call them Nebraska fish,” they say.

19: Compass Mishaps

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Old habits can be hard to break. A Florida native says they instantly know they’re talking with a northern-turned-Floridian resident when the person says they’re “going down” to a location north of their current Florida GPS coordinates.

20: The Unloving Bug

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You’ll be hard-pressed to encounter a native Floridian who loves lovebug season; The mating insects squash themselves into nearly every car crevice. But one local says they can identify a Florida transplant when the person says, “lovebugs are worse than mosquitos.”

21: Only in Florida

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A Florida resident says that they know someone moved there from out of state when they say the phrase, “Only in Florida.” Another giveaway phrase is, “That’s so Florida.”

22: Propaganda-Free Property

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A Floridian implies they don’t need to see a Florida transplant to know they’re dealing with one. Instead, they say that Floridians “don’t have ten American flags” outside their houses. Their cars also don’t boast “Jesus and Trump stickers.”

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