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Nostalgia Ignites With These 15 Favorite Car Slogans of All Time

When a dreamy vehicle has excellent advertising, it’s hard to forget. From sleek taglines to creative quips, one car enthusiast asked the internet for their favorite car slogans of all time. The answers will take you down memory lane. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Do It Yourself 

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The original poster said one of their favorite slogans was on a 1996 print ad for Land Rover, which featured a Range Rover on a hill overlooking a bunch of oil derricks. The caption read, “Some Range Rover owners still check their own oil.”

2: Burnin’ Up 

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Another honorable mention was an ad for the Dodge Charger Hemi in the mid-2000s. The original poster remembers the tagline as “the Dodge charger hybrid burns gas and rubber…”

3: Neighborhood Watch 

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One commenter loves the commercial for the 7th (and last) generation Toyota Celica. “Where the old man is yelling at the parked Celica’ SLOW DOWN! THIS IS A NEIGHBORHOOD!’ And the tagline is ‘Celica: Looks Fast.'”

4: Getting Better and Better 

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Even in a different language, this tagline from Porsche in the late 80s-early 90s left a lasting impression on one commenter. “‘Se dépasser, la seule course qui ne finit jamais.’ Something along the lines of: Surpassing yourself, the only race that never ends.”

5: Night Moves 

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Some commenters fondly remember hearing one rock artist’s iconic cameo in Chevrolet commercials. “In my mind, nothing tops Bob Seger’s ‘Like a Rock” Chevy commercials in the 90s.”

6: Internationally Loved 

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Mazda’s simple but effective “Zoom, Zoom” tagline stuck in the heads of many commenters. Someone even mentioned the French Canadian equivalent “Vroum Vroum,” “French speakers like myself don’t usually use onomatopoeias that much past 10-ish years old. So it feels odd, honest, and cute.”

7: In The Fast Lane 

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First introduced in the 1970s, BMW’s powerful tagline won the heart of one commenter, “‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ is the best car ad slogan ever.”

8: Practice Makes Perfect 

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‘”The relentless pursuit of perfection’ is my absolute favorite tagline.” says one Lexus fan. Another commenter remembers, “We gave it the power of a supercar. Then we gave it the precision of a Lexus.” as a powerful line in one of their commercials. 

9: Date Night

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One commenter loved how quintessentially outdoorsy brand Subaru poked fun at singles everywhere with their tagline, “It loves camping, dogs and long-term commitment. Too bad it’s only a car.” 

10: Wild Ride

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“Dodge has some really good ones,” says one car lover. They add, “I’m particularly fond of “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” a tagline that ran with the brand in 2016. 

11: In Your Dreams 

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Porsche knows their audience is mainly people who have fantasized about their supercar since childhood. One commenter loves their line, “Be honest, did you daydream in school about owning a Nissan?” 

12: Unpimp My Ride 

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Turning on MTV in the early 2000s meant seeing some sweet, customized cars. One commenter loved the Volkswagen Golf/GTI ad where they “unpimp” some guy’s ride instead of making it cooler. 

13: An Iconic Figure 

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“How could we have all collectively forgotten the incomparable Joe Isuzu…” says one commenter, referring to the fictional car salesman who appeared in Isuzu commercials for almost two decades. 

14: Free Bug Repellent 

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One commenter’s favorite slogan comes from a poster showing off the Porsche 993 Turbo that says, “Kills bugs fast.” That’s one way to do it. 

15: When You Know You Know 

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“My first NA Miata said ‘Mazda: it just feels right’ on the manual,” said one commenter who thinks they’re right on the money. “Yeah, that car certainly did.”

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