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Does Everyone Need Therapy?

Online and in real life, going to therapy is a hot topic. One person got tired of hearing that everyone needs to go to therapy and took to an online forum to share their discontent. “It’s like the concept of a well-adjusted person just doesn’t exist,” they said. The internet had this to say in response. 

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1: Someone to Lean On

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Whether or not you pay for it, therapy has its perks, according to this commenter. “Everyone needs an unobjective way to vent and get ideas out of their head. It doesn’t need to be a paid professional, just someone who isn’t directly involved with your personal drama.” 

2: One Trip Fixes All 

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“Therapy is NOT a magical pill that can fix everything!” says one commenter in agreement with the original poster. “The constant armchair diagnosis of reality stars is ludicrous!” 

3: Doing Time 

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One person’s wife told them they needed therapy because they were anxious about an upcoming court case. Their response? Duh. “I was wrongfully arrested and had to go in front of a judge on a charge that could result in time in prison. I’m not anxious now… because it’s over.” 

4: Get A Grip 

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One commenter thinks people can be too quick to jump on the therapy train. “Really stressful event coming up? Therapy for anxiety! Grief over lost friends or family? Depression! Why make these things into some kind of problem requiring therapy? I have no idea.”

5: Costly Confessions 

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“Can we please acknowledge the fact that like 99% of people literally just can’t afford it?” says an aggravated commenter. “Most people treat therapy like a trip to the grocery store, but it is a luxury. And trust me, any non-paid therapy is an absolute joke.”

6: Not for Everyone

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One commenter says the cost of therapy could keep people digging a hole in their wallets. “I think a lot of people with depressive symptoms and anxiety are directly tied to how dire their financial situation is, so I don’t know if therapy could really ‘help’ with that.”

7: Time Is Money

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One commenter wholeheartedly agrees and adds that it takes up another valuable resource: time. “If you’re stressed and overwhelmed with too many things on your plate – yes, therapy may be ultimately beneficial in the long run, but sometimes ‘right now’ it is just not feasible to add something to your schedule.”

8: Ease Up

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One person grew tired of their ex-partner’s “obsession” with getting them to therapy. “While yes, I do believe that therapy is helpful and a lot of people can benefit from it, it isn’t the end-all-be-all answer,” they said. 

9: Maintain Your Brain

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One commenter supports “preventative maintenance” for your mental health, comparing therapy to seeing a mechanic. “Yes, you absolutely take your car to the mechanic when it’s broken. They can get it running again! But it’s also good to take it in on occasion to just check in and see if there’s anything maintenance work that can be done.”

10: Look in the Mirror 

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One commenter believes the original poster may be the problem if people tell them everyone needs therapy. “Maybe they are struggling more than they think, and people are just trying to put a gentle face on the issue. It’s how I try to sell therapy to people who DEFINITELY have multiple severe problems but insist they are mentally healthy.” 

11: Not Like Other Zoomers 

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One Gen Z’er is self-aware of their peers’ reputation but thinks the whole “we all need therapy” thing is getting stale. “I personally don’t go to therapy because it doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the time nor the money, and my meds take care of basically everything.” 

12: Give It a Try 

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One commenter politely lays out the difference between wants and needs. “Not everyone needs therapy, but most people would benefit from it.” 

13: Over Suggested 

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“100% this,” says one commenter. “Therapy, therapy, therapy. It’s such a useless suggestion in most cases, but it gets upvoted to high heaven every single time like it’s some sort of magic panacea that will cure all of the world’s problems.”

14: Pointing Fingers 

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One person basically held a mini therapy session in the forum with their comment, “When people say ‘you need to go to therapy’ nowadays, it’s essentially their coping mechanism for offsetting their feelings of responsibility towards perceived ‘difficult emotions’ they can’t or don’t feel able to resolve.”

15: Everything’s Wrong

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As we become more accepting of mental health issues, we also become more expecting of them, says one commenter. “Everybody has to have something wrong with them, and if they don’t, then ironically enough, something is wrong with them.”

Source: Reddit

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