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These 8 Countries Warn Their Citizens About Dangerous Circumstances Should They Visit the US

Americans are growing increasingly accustomed to seeing mass shootings and violence splashed across their televisions and social media feeds. Despite this, many wouldn’t contemplate not traveling around the US. But several governments looking at the situation from the outside are cautioning their citizens about travel to the US.

1: New Zealand

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Americans might not view the US as dangerous enough to warrant a caution sign beside its name, but New Zealand does. The New Zealand government labels the US as a Level 2 out of four, urging its citizens to exercise increased caution if they travel to the Land of Stars and Stripes.

What Gives, New Zealand?

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Terrorism is why New Zealand recommends its citizens travel to the US with caution. They define terrorism as a threat on an international and domestic-based extremist level. Given the random nature of terrorist attacks, New Zealand says its citizens should be aware of their surroundings when visiting tourist destinations, shopping malls, and using public transportation, among other areas.

2. Spain

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The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with the European Union, encourages all its citizens to register their data if they wish to travel abroad, including to the US. They caution their citizens against traveling to certain sections of major American cities, citing higher chances of delinquency in marginal communities.

Too Dangerous to Visit

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The Spanish government urges its citizens to avoid American destinations such as Central Park in the evening, Chinatown in Boston, the west side of Chicago, parts of downtown Los Angeles, and anywhere in San Francisco that involves leaving items of value in one’s vehicle. The ministry also comments on violent firearm-related crime while recognizing that tourists are rarely affected.

3: United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom cautions its citizens that terrorists are “very likely” to perform an act of terrorism in the US. Furthermore, they note that protests are common and may become violent.

An Eye for an Eye

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Life isn’t all sunshine and roses in the UK. The US has smacked a Level 2 travel advisory for the region, urging Americans to exercise increased caution when traveling across the pond due to terrorism threats.

4: Canada

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Canada encourages its citizens to “take normal security precautions” when visiting the US. However, they imply that a high rate of American firearm possession and many states allowing open carry could raise the bar for security risks.

Canada’s Take on Shooting Incidents

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The Canadian government urges its citizens to be on the lookout for mass shootings. They recognize that the chances of a tourist falling victim to mass shootings are rare. But such incidents have become so commonplace in the US that they’ve felt compelled to include it in their travel advice.

5: Ireland

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Ireland encourages its citizens to use normal precautions when visiting the US. However, although they state that the threat of crime in the US is “relatively low,” people can expect tight security checks at transportation stations, airports, and public buildings.

What Precautions Look Like to Ireland

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Ireland leaves the threat of terrorism off its list when talking about safety in the US. However, among their advice of keeping valuables out of sight and avoiding dark streets at night, they urge Irish travelers in Northern California to take extra precautions in the Bay Area. The car thefts occurring there are apparently more noteworthy than any other safety-related incident the US faces.

6: Venezuela

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Yes, the country that the US has labeled with a Level 4 “do not travel” for Americans also has a travel advisory for its citizens against the United States. The Venezuelan government has even recommended that its citizens “postpone travel” to the US during times of heightened violence and hate crimes.

Venezuela Isn’t Alone In Its Concerns

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released supplemental information to already published hate crime statistics. The data revealed that over 63% of single-bias occurrences were due to the victim’s race, ethnicity, or ancestry. Crime against Latinos was the second-highest group reported. Anti-immigrant sentiments have caused as much as 67% of Latinos in the US to feel nervous or scared.

7: Australia

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The US gets the Australian government’s green “exercise normal safety precautions” label. But it’s far from a carefree stamp of approval. It specifically states that firearms, firearm violence, and crime are “more prevalent” in the States than in Australia.

Discrimination-Based Crime

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The Australian government expresses concern for Australians from minority backgrounds visiting the US, including those identifying with the LGBTI+ community and with different religious and cultural upbringings. While they acknowledge it’s rare for a tourist to be targeted for these crimes, they believe the risk remains.

8: France

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France makes it clear that the US is a “major ally” in countering terrorism, a threat that both countries have faced. However, its website also showcases the latest US news pertinent to French citizens wanting to travel there, complete with details about the most recent US shootings.

The Nitty Gritty

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France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes into detail about how its citizens can increase their chances of a safe trip to the US. They advise against the French visiting specific neighborhoods in cities with notoriously dangerous areas, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Stepping Back

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Although these eight countries paint a cautionary tale for their citizens wanting to visit parts of the US, the DOS has also issued safety recommendations for Americans wanting to visit many of them. The DOS states that, while unlikely, American tourists could face terrorist threats in Spain, the UK, and France. Furthermore, Venezuela is on the DOS’ do not travel list for a slew of reasons, including civil unrest and kidnappings.

That said, the DOS mentions no safety issues for New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and Australia other than to exercise normal precautions.

Countries on America’s Do Not Travel List

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The US Department of State has a long list of countries it discourages travelers from visiting. Among them include Russia, Afghanistan, and Burma.

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