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15 Common Flaws People Have But Don’t See

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s something all humans share. In an online forum titled “Ask Old People,” someone wanted to know which flaws most humans have in common. From lying to pride, here’s what people had to say. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Swallow Your Pride 

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“Most people can’t get beyond their egos and pride,” one flawed human said. Another agreed, “Lately, everyone says their ex is a narcissist. They may be right if at least half the population are narcissists.” 

2: Pointing Fingers 

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Most people have a hard time seeing their flaws, but they have a fantastic ability to spot flaws in other people, someone said. “Mom, is that you?” someone jokingly responded. “It’s projection. It’s hard to look at yourself and take personal responsibility for yourself, but super easy to look at others.”

3: Listen Up 

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Poor listening skills plague many humans, according to one person. “A lot of people engage in conversations that consist of taking turns to tell personal stories about themselves, so they’re often waiting for their chance to speak and not truly listening to what the other person is saying,” they explain. 

4: Who Cares? 

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As it turns out, nobody does. One said overestimating how much others care is a common flaw that most people share. “You said it!” agreed a fellow commenter.

5: Going Through It 

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Life can hand out difficult cards sometimes. One person says multigenerational and cultural trauma is a common flaw people have. 

6: Don’t Be Afraid 

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Fear can sometimes keep you safe, but for the most part, it’s a flawed trait. “This is a good one,” said a relatively fearless community member. “There’s a woman in my neighborhood who thinks we need to all go around armed just because someone’s lawnmower got stolen when they stupidly left it out overnight.”

7: Love Yourself 

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A 50-something said insecurity is a shared flaw among humans, and it drives all sorts of destructive behaviors, like cheating, lying, greed, bashing, and so on. 

8: All About Me 

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Pouring into yourself is good, but there can be too much of a good thing. A few people agreed that selfishness is the most common flaw. 

9: Don’t Get Greedy 

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Greed is a decisive flaw that too many people fall victim to. “It’s always greed,” one person said. “So many things are based on greed. It’s really a menace.”

10: Think Again

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Most people lack critical thinking skills, said another person about common human flaws. Another wholeheartedly agrees. “If there’s one change we should make across all of education, it would be to question everything and to encourage and CELEBRATE critical, independent thinking.” 

11: Be Nice 

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Somewhere along the way, one person thinks we’ve lost the ability to share human decency, and that’s our biggest common flaw. 

12: Take It Down a Notch 

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Chances are, you’re not as smart as you think you are. At least to one person who believes humans’ biggest common flaw is that “people consistently overestimate their intelligence.”

13: Constructive Criticism 

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Not everyone has tough skin, but one 60-something-year-old says a common flaw people have is that they cannot take criticism with an open mind.

14: Busy Doing Nothing 

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A 70-something-year-old responded in the thread to say that “doing nothing” is a valid response, and the flaw is that too many people don’t see it that way. “Many times, that is the best response possible.” 

15: Loud and Proud 

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One person had something to say about selfishness tied to phone use, and it’s not just the younger generations that are guilty. “There was a time when certain shared public spaces were quiet. It’s gotten so bad with the loud phone conversations and the kids watching videos or playing games at full volume.”

Source: Reddit

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