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Get Me Outta Here! Colorado Residents Would Rather Live in These Destinations

It’s no secret that prices for nearly everything have skyrocketed in the last few post-pandemic years, but it seems that some places have been hit harder than others. With a 6% higher cost of living than the rest of the US, some Colorado residents are contemplating a move. But where to? 

Anywhere But Here

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One frustrated Colorado resident took to the internet message boards to ask other locals if they were contemplating a move and where to. They cited the astronomically high cost of living as their main reason for packing up and heading out. 

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener 

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After living in Denver for 30 years, one longtime local decided to pack up and move to Orange County, California. Their rationale was that if they were going to have to pay California prices, they may as well live in California. 

Let’s Go West

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Another Denver resident cited California as their destination of choice because of the pay discrepancy. Thanks to the active presence of unions in California, they claim they’d be earning three times what they earn in Colorado for the same job without much change in the cost of living. 

Cheaper Not Better

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One local said they’d consider moving somewhere in the Midwest if the cost of living was the only factor, but they concede that the quality of life is much lower (at least in their opinion) in that region of the country. 

Bright Lights, Big City 

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A Denver-based commenter said they were considering moving back to New York City. They say that if they have to pay as much as they do in rent, they may as well enjoy the late-night dining, diversity, and dating scene available in the City That Never Sleeps. 

Across the Pond 

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One world traveler said they would love to move to Sweden if given the chance. Not only does the majority of the population speak English, but the cost of living, especially in smaller towns, is insanely low when compared to Denver prices. 

Cheese, Please

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A former Denver resident and her husband decided to move to Wisconsin originally because of the lower cost of living. Thanks to a strong union presence, the couple also made more money after the move and say they have met more neighbors after two months of living in Wisconsin than in the 22 years they lived in Denver. 

Desert Dreamers

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One Denver local is planning to move their family to New Mexico where they are building a single-family home for $200,000 less than the townhomes they kept getting outbid for in Denver. 

Westward, Ho

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Another Colorado resident planning to move to New Mexico cites that the area between Taos and Vegas reminds them of Colorado, though they have more streams, forests, and flat pastures on their land than they could have gotten at home…all for the same price. 


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A former North Carolina resident-turned-Colorado local laments making the move to the Rockies. They miss the ability to drive to either the beach or the mountains for the weekend; a no-go in landlocked Colorado. 

Steel City Transplants

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One former Colorado local recently made the move to Pittsburgh, citing a similar sports culture, good food scene, and the presence of mom-and-pop-type shops as appealing reasons to move in addition to a lower cost of living. However, they admit they haven’t lived through the summer humidity yet. 

Staying in the Mountains 

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A Denver resident is considering moving to Salt Lake City because even though home values are similar to the Denver metro area, the overall cost of living is lower. Plus, they can’t bear the thought of leaving the mountains behind. 

Sellers by the Seashore 

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While the housing market is just as expensive, one Colorado native is in the process of house-hunting on the Oregon coast. They cite the combination of ocean and mountains, plus forests and the Pacific Coast Highway, as reasons that they’re excited to make the move. 

Coastal Community 

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One Colorado local is moving to Maryland after six years of life in Denver to be closer to family, but they also say that there are more and higher paying jobs in their field available on the Atlantic coast, not to mention the beach. 

Leaving the City Life

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Several commenters noted that many Colorado towns are significantly more affordable if you move out of the Denver metro area. Most of those locals don’t want to leave the beauty of their home state behind. 

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