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14 Celebrities That Are Only Super Famous in America

A European pondered how American football stars like Kelce, Mahomes, and Brady have become household names in the States. But in other countries, they have relatively small profiles. They asked the internet that aside from the football players, what other celebrities are only super famous in America?

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Laugh It Off 

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“Being in the UK, I’d never really heard of Jerry Seinfeld,” one person said from across the pond. They said they didn’t realize how famous he’d been until long after the show had ended. 

2: Good Morning

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“People who present morning TV that beams into so many American homes but have no presence outside that TV region,” one person said. They mentioned Hoda Kotb, Kathy Lee Gifford, and Al Roker as examples.

3: How Fortunate

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One Australian said they’d never heard of Vanna White until she had a category dedicated to her on RuPaul’s Drag Race. An American explained that she’s “Not the type of celebrity who gets talked about regularly, but someone most Americans over 18 would recognize. She’s been the ‘Wheel of Fortune lady’ longer than many of us have been alive!” 

4: Have A Beautiful Day 

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Mister Rogers, America’s favorite neighbor, is fondly remembered by people in the States but is much less well-known elsewhere. “He was an amazing man who hosted a long-running children’s show on PBS,” one explained. “After watching the documentary and then the movie about him, I can safely say he was one of the purest people ever to have lived,” one European added. 

5: Comedy Gold

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“I’ve always been confused by this ‘Carrot Top’ person,” someone from the UK said about the eccentric comedian. One American spoke for the entire country, “Don’t worry about it, so are we.” 

6: Luck of the Irish 

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American country megastar Garth Brooks has little notoriety outside of the US, with one exception. “This is generally true,” one person clarified. “Except for the fact he is randomly absolutely ginormous in Ireland. I had no idea who he was until he played in Ireland, and the entire country went insane.” 

7: Live From New York 

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While they’re not superstars, one person said the Saturday Night Live cast is only well-known in the US. “I hadn’t heard of Pete Davidson until he was with Ariana [Grande], and I guess Scarlett Johansson’s husband was on it too?” Another American agreed, “SNL’s international profile is so small it’s crazy.” 

8: Hellur!

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One Brit says they have a decent knowledge of American pop culture, and Tyler Perry immediately springs to mind. “I couldn’t believe he was a billionaire,” they said. “He’s probably one of the most influential Americans to have a massively depreciated influence outside the US.”

9: Opposites Attract 

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A commenter claims the celebrities they find the most fascinating are Brits, who have a tiny profile in their home country but are huge in America. “John Oliver is one. Peter Frampton and Bush too.” 

10: Night Owls 

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Another person across the pond agrees that many late-night hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmell are relatively unknown. “We might recognize their names, but their shows aren’t easily available here and aren’t really watched.” 

11: Past Their Prime 

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Seinfeld wasn’t the only one that was getting forgotten about. Another person said many comedians who found success in the 90s, like Roseanne Barr and Bob Saget, had little notoriety in the UK.  

12: Happy Accidents 

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“Definitely Bob Ross,” one person said, bringing America’s favorite mellowed-out painter to watch into the conversation. “I came to find out he was a beloved figure when I moved here.” 

13: Bye Bye Bye 

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One person said they were surprised to learn NSYNC wasn’t as big outside the US as they thought. “I figured they had been just as popular, but it was Backstreet Boys and mostly European boy bands. NSYNC was just meh, I guess.” 

14: Not So Popular 

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Morgan Wallen, one of the newest (and most famous) names in American country music is unheard of to one Slovakian. “Multiple #1’s on Billboard 200 and Hot 100, but I’ve never heard his songs here on the radio, and I doubt many people even heard of him.”

Almost Famous 

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This one is a little backward, but a UK commenter said they found out Anastacia, a massively popular UK singer, wasn’t well known in the US. “I’m Outta Love was one of the first pop songs I scream sang at only six years old,” they said. Are any other Americans scratching their heads right now? 

Source: Reddit

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