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15 Biggest Lies of All Time That Too Many Americans Believe

You may think you have a solid sense for sniffing out lies, but some are so pervasive you probably don’t even realize you believe them. That changes now. People took to social media to debunk the biggest lies many folks fall for. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Everything Costs 

Pile of dimes.
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One penny pincher says the biggest lie is that there are still things that are free. “No, at least someone has to pay for it,” they said. “The only actual free thing is oxygen.” 

2: School’s Out

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Although graduating from school and going to college seems to be sold as a failsafe path to success in the US, one commenter said that’s a big lie. There are plenty of ways to make good money without going to college.

3: Let Your Dreams Be Dreams 

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One Debbie Downer thinks the biggest lie of all time is that you can do anything you want. “Not with that attitude,” someone replied. 

4: On Your Side 

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The idea that “the government has your best interest in mind” is the biggest lie people believe, according to one person. Another commenter agrees and takes the “trust no one” mentality to another level, “You’re right, though. No one cares about you individually except your family members, sometimes not even them.” 

5: Just A Theory 

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Whether you take it seriously or not, one person said trickle-down economics is one of the biggest lies people believe. The idea is by increasing the wealth of the rich, they’ll spend more money with corporations, stimulate the economy, and ultimately benefit everyone. 

6: Taste Test 

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Remember learning about a “taste bud map” for your tongue and then desperately trying to taste bitter, sour, salty, and sweet in their respective spots? Yeah, that’s all lies. “I remember being taught this, and it made zero sense,” one person said. 

7: Rest Insured 

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Despite what all the catchy commercials may try to tell you, someone said the biggest lie most people believe is insurance giving people peace of mind. 

8: Grow Up 

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If you’ve ever heard that fish grow to the size of their containers, newsflash: that’s all a myth. “That one is true,” one jokester said. “I released a goldfish into Lake Michigan, and it destroyed a whole town.” 

9: Lost in the Mail 

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Haven’t received that correspondence back from a coworker or friend? “I never got your email” is a common lie that too many people believe. 

10: Unfair Taxes

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One deceived commenter is tired of the lie “that a Conservative government is ‘prudent’ with taxpayers money.” Without casting judgment, someone pondered that being prudent with tax dollars is a bad thing. “It’s just collecting our tax dollars and then just…not using that money to fund important services the way they should be funded.” 

11: Hindsight is 20/20

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If you’ve ever heard from your parents to eat your carrots to improve your eyesight, know they’re pulling your leg. Someone in the comments admitted to keeping the lie going. “I tell people I meet these fun facts all the time, and they’re surprised almost every time.” 

12: Freedom Isn’t Free

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It really depends on who you ask and their perspectives, but one individual said the idea “that the US is a ‘free’ country” is a lie. 

13: Let Us Pray

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One person kept it simple but controversial by saying that religion is one big fib. 

14: Nose to the Grindstone 

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As much as we wished it did, one person said hard work paying off is a lie. “I mean, sometimes, it really doesn’t,” they said. 

15: Face the Music 

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Everyone loves dreaming of swimming in cash, but one person says too many people believe they’ll be rich one day. “People sink money into the lottery all the time. They excuse the actions of the rich because they think they can become that, too. Sorry, most rich people are born rich and stay rich by keeping you poor.” 

Source: Reddit

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