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Ouch! 15 Biggest Lies Baby Boomers Tell Younger Generations

Younger generations have long heard advice from boomers, some of it better than others. People took to the internet to share the biggest lies they’ve heard from boomers. Can you relate to them?

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: One Degree Smarter 

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One of the biggest lies one person heard from a boomer involved higher education. “Just go to college – it doesn’t matter what you major in – having a college degree will get you a job.” Another agreed, “I was always told by the boomers growing up that if you want to be someone, you have to get a college degree.” 

2: Sign Here

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One commenter believes the biggest lie boomers tell is that “we need to learn cursive.” At least it’s come in handy for our signatures. 

3: Help Wanted

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One job-seeker is tired of hearing boomers tell them to apply in person for an advantage. “Unless it’s a tiny family-run business that just needs an extra person to run the desk, ain’t no managers gonna want to talk to every Joe Schmoe off the street who thinks they’re being savvy.” 

4: Don’t Stick Around 

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Younger generations find long-term job loyalty less important than boomers make it out to be. One commenter agreed, “Yeah, even Japan is no longer practicing this.” 

5: Do the Math

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One commenter looks back at the boomers who told them they won’t always have access to a calculator and laughs. “I will still make my children memorize multiplication tables, but I’m going to have to come up with a better reason than my parents.”

6: Home Sweet Home

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“Work hard, and you’ll be able to afford a house” is a lie one commenter knows is utterly untrue today. 

7: Don’t Dream On 

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A younger commenter thinks long-term planning is a myth, and boomers are to blame for making us believe otherwise. “Telling kids to have dreams and go for it is cool, but also is telling them that things don’t always go as planned. Nowadays, adapting is a much more valuable skill.” 

8: Pacman Is Poison

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Many boomers thinking video games are bad for you didn’t sit right with this commenter. “Most good RPGs [role-playing games] develop teamwork, problem-solving skills, small group communication, leadership, and other necessary life skills far better than sports ever did.” 

9: No Handouts 

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Some boomers believe they have paid their share and are waiting for the government’s money. One commenter responds, “No, you elected politicians that spent your money and now want your grandkids to pay you.” 

10: Earning Creatively 

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“Being an artist isn’t a real job” is a lie that commenters dislike hearing from boomers. “Care to explain that to companies like Webtoon!?” one person retorts. 

11: Getting the Grade 

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If you don’t do well in school, you’re a failure, at least according to some boomers. One person said, “While there is some truth to that, you can be successful and not be good in school.”

12: Not So Dreamy

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Not everyone is chasing a house and kids; one commenter wishes more boomers would understand that. “This is no longer the ideal life and is not realistic in this economy. Don’t get me wrong, if that is truly your ideal lifestyle, then go for it. I just wish people would stop treating me like I’m a failure because I’m 30 and not a mom yet.”

13: Social Insecurity

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We might not have the same safety net waiting for us as boomers did. “Social security will be there when we retire” is the biggest lie one commenter has heard from older generations. 

14: You Can Do It

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“You can grow up to do anything you want” is one lie a commenter heard from boomers that straight up isn’t true. There’s a reason not all of us have gone to the moon. 

15: False Alarm 

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On a lighter note, one parent’s carefully crafted dessert lie has always stuck with this commenter. “My parents are boomers, and my dad told me that the ice cream truck music plays when they are out of ice cream. Unforgivable.” 

Source: Reddit

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