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16 Biggest Lies That Americans Are Told and Believe

Land of the free, home of the brave. At least, that’s what Americans have been told to think. People took to the internet to share the biggest lies they think US residents blindly believe. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Red, White, and Untrue 

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Patriotic propaganda has done its job in America, according to one resident, who says the biggest lie people believe is that America is the hero. “Often, more than not, they are the villains,” they said. 

2: Don’t Fall For It

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Think again if you believe that politicians care about you, one apprehensive American says. While they think local politicians may have morals, “once you get higher up in the ranks and into the federal level, the amount of soulless lies, manipulations, mudslinging, and bribery assures that no one who is a good person will have the power to help.”

3: Dying Democracy 

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One Yankee says they’re tired of hearing, “just vote them out” when expressing discontent with current politicians. “Why didn’t we think of that?” they sarcastically retort. “Politicians will never all support the policies needed to keep themselves in check.”

4: Focus on What Matters 

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One American thinks it’s ridiculous that people feel pressured to be more worried about poor people “abusing the system” than “rich people manipulating the system to hoard their wealth.” A fellow American agrees, “This. 100%.” 

5: One For All 

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American healthcare is a hot topic of current political conversation, and one resident thinks the notion that we can’t afford healthcare for all is laughable. “We absolutely can.” 

6: Greedy Motives 

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Think again if you’re an American who believes that the wars our country wages are for moral reasons and “not to line the pockets of the lobbyists,” one person said. 

7: Stuck Up 

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An American says a lie too many citizens believe is that the US is “the best, most free country in the world.” Freedom is the name of the game in America, but it’s getting harder for many to see past its many fallbacks. “Years ago, I thought this, but now that I know all the flaws this country has, it’s clear that the US is far from being the best country ever.”

8: Humbled Hero 

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One Navy veteran struggles with the widespread sentiment that all military personnel are heroes. “I got out for medical reasons before actually getting to a permanent duty station,” they said. “I feel really weird when people thank me for my service when I hardly did anything.” 

9: Jury’s Out 

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Court proceedings should be equal for everyone, but one person says the idea “that you’re innocent until proven guilty” is a big fat lie. “The only people who actually believe that tripe are the ones who have never been in trouble with the law.”

10: All for Nothing 

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Working hard to get rich seems like a failsafe formula, but it’s challenging in the States. “Hard work only leads to a bad back and debt,” one person said. “It’s the people that can creatively scale the avoidance of work that get rich.”

11: Girl Power Struggle 

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A lie too many Americans believe is “that this is the #1 country for women’s rights,” one American shared. “We have a long way to go in many ways.” Experiences vary drastically from state to state depending on laws, they add. 

12: Overseas Confusion

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To one American, one of the biggest lies fellow citizens believe is “that the army is sent overseas to fight for their freedom.” Another person agrees. “The last time we actually defended our country/freedoms was WWII.” From their perspective, wars Americans have fought in since then have been against communism, to secure oil, and other non-freedom defending scenarios.

13: Kiwis Have It Better 

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Another American expressed discontent with people believing that our “freedoms” are unique to the states. “New Zealand usually ranks as the most free country on earth. USA sometimes makes the list.” 

14: Vapid Votes 

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One person thinks Americans hitting the polls might as well do it for show. “That your vote matters” is the biggest lie people believe, according to them. 

15: Judging a Book by Its Cover 

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Americans are well-known for their unabashed patriotism; one citizen thinks it’s wacky. “I’ve never been to Europe/Asia/South America, Middle East, Africa. Most others in America haven’t either,” they said. “How can you judge another place if you have never been there?”

16: Dream On

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Not to crush your dreams, but many agreed that the “whole concept of the American Dream” is no longer attainable. “Welcome to America, where you can hope you will have a house someday,” one person joked. 

Source: Reddit

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