15 Biggest Generational Lies Exposed By People Who’ve Been Burned

It’s easy to believe what’s told to you when you’re younger. But as the years go by, you realize everything isn’t what it seems. People turned to the internet to unveil the biggest lies of their generation. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Do the Math 

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One commenter recalls their teacher telling them, “You won’t always have a calculator at hand.” What a joke; It’s only gotten easier to calculate on a whim. 

2: Losing Focus 

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You would think cursive would be more useful in everyday life, one commenter says. “The fact that teachers spent hours teaching us cursive, but we never had an hour of code or basic lessons on how the internet works shows exactly what is wrong with the education system.”

3: Good Morals, Bad Outcomes 

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Not every story has a happy ending. The biggest lie one commenter heard? “If you work hard and are a good person, you’ll be successful.”

4: Saved By the Bell 

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The promise of a seamless transition from higher education to a successful career differs from reality, says one commenter, “Go to college, and they just hand you a good job when you get out. We were basically told that in high school in the 90s.”

5: Not So Simple Life

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One person said that the biggest lie of their generation was, “You guys have it easy.” They ranted, “Job hunting is significantly harder, prices for housing and daily essentials have skyrocketed, dating is near impossible (at least for the average guy), and mental health has plummeted nationwide.”

6: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

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“Plastic recycling is a total hoax.” says one commenter. Another agrees, “It’s just another business that capitalists thought they could profit from. And they were right.”

7: Bachelor’s Degree or Bust 

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The biggest lie one commenter heard is that you’re wasting your life unless you go to college. “Get a degree, any degree doesn’t matter what in or what debt you have to take on, you must get a degree, or you will never get a real job, and you’ll be a useless washout.”

8: The Grass Is Always Greener 

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One commenter takes the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” to heart, saying the biggest lie of their generation is “That the generation before ours was better.”

9: Apocalypse Now 

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One commenter remembers when “the world is gonna end in 2012…” was on the forefront of everyone’s minds. At least we were able to beat that prediction. 

10: Amateur Hour 

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One commenter was told by their high school guidance counselor, “Only people who want to be secretaries take typing classes. Pick something else.” When they became successful in their career, they lacked one skill, “Now I’m a software engineer who can’t type.”

11: Data Breach 

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Think twice next time you click through terms and conditions without reading the fine print. “We understand your privacy and will protect your data” is the biggest lie one commenter has heard from their generation. 

12: Growing Up

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You may be in for a harsh wake-up call: not all of us can be president and go to the moon like we thought as kids.” You can be anything you want” is a lie stuck with one commenter. 

13: Dream On

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One commenter said the American dream isn’t what it used to be. “The idea that you can work hard, get a house, a family, a good life is little more than mythologizing what happened in the past. Sure, it still happens, but to a lot fewer people.”

14: Not What It Seems 

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One millennial says their generation heard, “Don’t worry about having the money for college. With the job you’ll have, you’ll be able to pay them back.” Looking back on it, they think the advice is laughable. 

15: Retirement Is a Myth 

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Good luck retiring anytime soon, one commenter says. “Most people my age can’t even afford a house, let alone rent with or without a degree, all bills considered.”

Source: Reddit

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