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Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets, Voters Discuss Causes and Consequences

A new Gallup poll shows Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has dropped by 11 percent in the last month. Americans are discussing why and what this means. 

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Strange Happenings 

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Gallup’s poll reveals Democrats hold a low opinion of the President, with only 37 percent approving of his performance. Surprisingly, Biden’s approval amongst Republicans hasn’t shifted.  

Doesn’t Make Sense 

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The significant drop in approval amongst Democrats has left many confused. “I do not get it,” one Democratic voter said. “He’s doing the most anyone can in the current political environment.” 

Foreign Policy Failure

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Others pointed out that the sudden drop could have to do with recent events, like the Hamas attack on Israel and subsequent war. Biden has attempted to tow a centrist line, showing support for Israel while also attempting to aid the citizens of Gaza. This has upset some Americans.

Moderate Expectations

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A few pushed back at that reasoning, though. “Biden’s Israel stance isn’t really all that shocking,” one person said.  “Biden has been a centrist moderate his whole life. Did people really expect him to go full-on Rashida Tlaib?” 

Propaganda Problems

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In response, one commenter noted that it didn’t matter that Biden was historically moderate. Many Democrats are under twenty-five and “very susceptible to propaganda using social media.” They went on to say that TikTok and other social media platforms are flooded with pro-Hamas influencers. 

Not an Explanation

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Others thought an 11% drop was too significant to be explained by TikTok. They believe there had to be other reasons for Biden’s sharp decline. 

Time To Retire

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A few people suggested Biden’s age was to blame. “The man can’t even remember to give people a handshake during an event,” said one commenter. “I believe in respecting the elderly. But there becomes a time when it’s time to take it easy and relax.”


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Several commenters noted that people aren’t happy with the economy. “The economy is good for the billionaire class – not the true middle class or below,” said one. “An SUV now costs $55,000 – $80,000 for an okay one. Homes in Columbus, Ohio, for a good neighborhood with good schools are now $450,000 – $750,000!”

Bad Vibes  

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Biden’s administration has highlighted recent economic improvements, which might exacerbate his declining approval. “People vote off vibes, and the vibe is that everything is impossibly expensive,” one person explained. “Even though data shows the economy is good, people don’t really care when groceries are still getting more expensive every month.” 

Never Really Liked Him

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A few thought the problem had less to do with recent issues and more with Biden’s long-term image. They noted that Biden was never that popular of a candidate. He was simply better than the alternative. 

A Vote Against Trump

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As one commenter put it, “In the last two presidential elections, people didn’t vote for a candidate. They voted against the other.”

Image Issues

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Still, others thought it was all an image issue. “He is getting things done, but he sucks at messaging,” said one person. “Trump is the king of getting media attention, whether for good or bad. He is a lightning rod.”

Doesn’t Mean No Vote

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Regardless of why Biden’s approval is tanking, many voters thought there was no need to be concerned. “Maybe I don’t like some of the things he’s done,” said one Democratic voter. “He has my vote, but it doesn’t mean I have to like him.”

Not To Worry 

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“Dropping 11% among Democrats right now isn’t really that worrying,” another person echoed. “Those are probably the furthest left Democrats and will vote for Biden over any Republican.”

Split Party Concerns 

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Others weren’t so sure. As one commenter said, “The younger generation and POCs clearly want someone more progressive, so the party is essentially split, and I don’t think simply not being Trump will be enough to energize it.”

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