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Biden Pledges To Support Israel, The Nation Reacts

In his speech to the nation, President Biden pledged to stand with Israel after the attack by Hamas, but some are questioning his statements. 

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Unconditional Support 

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During his recent speech regarding the attack on Israel by Hamas, President Biden pledged that the U.S. would “make sure Israel has what it needs to take care of its citizens, defend itself, and respond.” 

Three Cheers 

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Many cheered the President on for his promise of unconditional support. “As he should,” one commenter noted. “They [Israel] are an ally who was just attacked by terrorists.”

An American Enemy

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Others noted that it wasn’t just Israelis that were killed during the attack. Eleven Americans have also been confirmed dead, making Biden’s statements even more pertinent. 

Not the First Time

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This isn’t the first time the President has said America will stand by Israel. Within hours of the attack, Biden said his administration’s support for Israel’s security was “rock solid and unwavering.” 


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But some disagree with Biden’s promise of steadfast assistance. “Sorry, but honestly, that support should come with conditions. Israel is where it’s at because of their own policies,” one person said.

A Dangerous Promise

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“Yeah,” another person wrote. “I don’t think anyone should ever offer anyone unconditional support.” They went on to explain that you never quite know what another country will do with your backing. 


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Others said that none of Israel’s policies could justify what Hamas did and that America should stand with Israel.  At the time of this writing, reports confirm that Hamas killed at least 1,000 civilians and took well over 100 hostages. 

No Lessons Learned

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Several people feared Biden’s pledge would put the U.S. in the middle of a military conflict it couldn’t win. “Why are we so willing to go back to that meat grinder called the Middle East,” one person asked. 

No Boots on the Ground

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Though a few people worried that American troops would be sent in, as of now, there’s no call for that by the Biden administration. While the U.S. has deployed an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean (with a second one possibly on the way), it’s currently only to show support.

Not Our Problem

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A few people took issue with the Biden administration for sending support to Israel when Americans are in need. “Billions more given away, and taxpayers suffer the cost,” one commenter noted. “We can’t afford houses, food, utilities, but sure, let’s give away billions.”

Different Than Ukraine?

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Some commenters noted that many people are against supporting Israel, citing the cost of doing so. However, the same people tend to be in favor of sending aid to Ukraine. The difference, one person explained, was that they believed Israel brought the conflict on themselves. 

Striking Similarities

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Others thought the wars in Ukraine and Israel were very similar in at least one way. As one person said, “At this point, the US is semi at war with Russia by helping out the Ukraine. Now we’re doing the same with Israel, stealth fighting Iran because it looks like they’re helping Hamas.”

Nothing New

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Israel is America’s ally, though, and several users weren’t surprised by Biden’s promise. They mentioned that the U.S. has long supported Israel, and these statements aren’t shocking. 

Change of Sides 

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A few commenters wondered if Republicans, who largely favor supporting Israel, would have to change their tune about Biden. But, many were quick to point out that political views are rarely based solely on foreign policy. 

Got a Bad Feeling

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Other people were more worried about what supporting Israel would mean for American security. They feared that standing with Israel could lead to terrorist attacks. As one person put it, “I would start ramping up homeland security. This is going to get ugly real fast.”

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