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Candidate Tim Scott Blames Biden for Hamas Attack, Stirring Voter Concern

Senator and Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott gave a controversial statement regarding the recent attack by Hamas on Israel. Here’s how people reacted to what he had to say. 

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Pointing Fingers

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Senator Scott blamed Biden for the vicious attack by Hamas, saying that the president’s “weakness” led to it and that his “negotiations funded it.” Scott concluded the statement with, “Biden is complicit.” 


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Not only is Tim Scott a sitting U.S. senator, but he’s also vying for the Republican nomination. Because of this, many thought his criticism ranged from an ignorant statement to a dishonest political ploy. 

He Lies

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“Every single word of this is a lie,” one user said. Another pointed out that Rep. Scott has a history of less-than-truthful statements. This comment was likely referring to Scott’s remarks about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which many saw as Republican spin. 

High Cost of Comments

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One commenter thought that comments like these would be detrimental to Scott’s quest for the Republican nomination. “Have fun dropping out before Iowa,” they noted. 

Keep Your Dignity

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“You’re never going to be president,” another user said. “But you still have the chance to end your campaign with dignity.” Others pointed out that they expected more tasteful remarks from a sitting U.S. senator.

Poor Choices

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One person saw Senator Scott as just another less-than-impressive Republican candidate. “There are no serious Republicans left if you guys haven’t noticed,” they said. Several other Republican candidates, including Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, made similar remarks about Biden’s culpability in the attack. 

Dissension in the Ranks

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Others pointed out that Scott’s statements were directly at odds with another Republican candidate, former V.P. Mike Pence. Pence stated that the attack on Israel was directly related to Trump’s actions as president, not Biden’s. 

Playing Politics

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Many believed that Scott’s statements were meant to spark disagreement. “When you have nothing to lose, cause chaos,” one user said. 

Long-Term Consequence

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Others noted that if the senator was trying to gain attention for his campaign, he went about it the wrong way. “I know your campaign is not gaining any traction,” one person said.” But consider for a moment that after you drop out and the effort is forgotten, [the fact] that you said this will endure.”

In Agreement

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Not everyone thought Rep. Scott was wrong, though. A few people came out in his defense. “This is the leadership needed from Republicans on Capitol Hill right now,” one person said.  

Biden Be Gone

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Others in agreement with the senator said it was yet another reason to impeach Biden. House Republicans have initiated an impeachment inquiry against the president, saying the investigations into the Biden family warrant deeper review. 

Thou Dost Protest Too Much 

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One poster noted the anger and ire directed towards Senator Scott’s comments could be because he hit on the truth. Republicans claim that Biden did fund Hamas via the recent Iran prisoner swap, which released $6 billion in blocked funds to Iran.

Wasn’t Us

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Iran is a known Hamas-ally, but the White House says the GOP claims are baseless. White House Security Council spokesperson Adriene Watson said the unfrozen funds had “nothing to do with the horrific attacks.” 

The Real Bad Guys 

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Several people said that blaming Biden was an unnecessary low blow. “Terrorists are to blame for this attack. Full stop,” one person said. 

A Ridiculous Notion

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Another person pointed out how absurd it was to blame President Biden, stating, “Foreign policy and global events are far more complex than can be attributed to the actions of a single leader or administration.”

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