11 Top States for Singles Looking for Love

Are you struggling to meet that special someone? According to data collected by WalletHub, it might be because you’re living in the wrong state. Don’t blame the messenger: You just might want to book a road trip to find love after reading this article.

Understanding the Data

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WalletHub ranked the best and worst states for singles to live in for 2023. Experts compared states across the country and split the outcomes into categories like “romance and fun,” “dating economics,” and “dating opportunities.” The states that follow ranked the best.

1: California

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The Golden State claims the prized title of the best state for singles in America. Luckily for love seekers, it’s also the third-largest state, providing many opportunities to mingle. California came in first place in the “romance and fun category” and second in the “dating opportunities” category. That said, dating costs are relatively high, with the state ranking 49th in “dating economics.”

2: New York

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New York ranked first for “dating opportunities” and second for “romance and fun.” Despite there being over 19 million people in New York State, singles looking for their better half have more opportunities to do so in New York City than in the countryside of Upstate NY. It’s worth noting that New York ranked last for “dating economics.”

3: Florida

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According to WalletHub’s study, teens and snowbirds alike have more chances to find love in Florida than in most other parts of the US. The Sunshine State ranked better than New York and California in economics, coming in at 36th place. It also placed fourth in “dating opportunities” and third in “romance and fun.” 

4: Texas

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Even love is bigger in Texas. The Lone Star State ranked in 12th place for the “dating opportunities” category. It also landed a respectable fourth place for its potential for “romance and fun.”

5: Pennsylvania 

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Known for its rich history and the origin of Hershey’s chocolate, Pennsylvania did well in “dating opportunities” and “romance and fun,” ranking eighth and fifth place, respectively. However, its 31st place for “dating economics” didn’t allow it to move higher up as one of the best states for singles.

6: Illinois

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Dubbed “The Prairie State,” Illinois is home to over 12 million residents. The state came in sixth place for both “dating opportunities” and “romance and fun.” Budding lovebirds-to-be can expect to spend a pretty penny during their dates, though, for Illinois ranked in 37th place in the “dating economics” category.

7: New Jersey

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If you can’t find love in New York, WalletHub’s data suggests you should try New Jersey. It came in seventh and eight places for the “dating opportunities” and “romance and fun” categories. And let’s face it: These are the areas new couples are probably most interested in, willing to splurge on their new date in the name of opportunity and fun.

8: Massachusetts 

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Massachusetts ranked in the top three spots for “dating opportunities.” The state, known for its prestigious universities like Harvard, placed ninth in “romance and fun.” Unfortunately, its 48th ranking in “dating economics” dragged it down to an overall ranking of the eighth best state for singles in the US.

9: Wisconsin

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It appears that cheese and dating opportunities abound in Wisconsin. The Badger State ranked 19th in the “dating opportunities” category, 10th in “dating economics,” and seventh in “romance and fun.” Singles wanting to impress their date would do well by bringing them to a Packers game.

10: Virginia

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Virginia rounds out the top ten best states for singles. It landed in the 13th position for both “dating opportunities” and “dating economics.” You might want to consider a different state for romance and fun, though, for it ranked 22nd in that category.

11: Minnesota

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Minnesota is the state to be for singles wanting to impress their potential partner with fancy dates for a low cost; it ranked 5th in the nation for “dating economics.” However, its 21st place for “dating opportunities” dragged down its overall score on this list of best states for singles.

Restaurants Per Capita

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States like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois have the most restaurants per capita, giving couples many choices when planning a date. In contrast, states like Alaska have the fewest restaurants per capita.

Maybe the Movies 

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According to WalletHub’s data, California, Texas, and New York are the best states for film enthusiasts looking to date. California had the highest number of theaters, seven times more than Delaware, which had the lowest number.

Think Outside the Box

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Singles seeking unique date ideas may explore activities like kayaking, ax-throwing, or rock climbing. It all depends on what’s available near you. Remember to do your research and check that your partner is up to the challenge. 

3-4 Dating Rule

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For dating coach Amy Nobile, the “3-4 rule” is essential for maximum results in finding one’s partner. The method suggests that by the end of the third date, one should understand their potential love match’s core values, emotional maturity, chemistry, and readiness.

Avoiding a Rude Partner

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No one wants a rude partner. However, according to a study by Zippia, residents from certain states are more likely to be rude. These are the rudest states in the US.

America’s Rudest States Ranked From 1 to 50

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