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16 Real Benefits of Going Fully Electric

Are you thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV)? Many Americans are in the same boat (or shall we say car?), and there are some real perks to owning one. EV owners took to the internet to share what they love about their rides. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: It’s Electric 

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“I have zero downsides for switching to EV and multiple upsides,” one optimistic electric vehicle owner said. Among the benefits they enjoy are that they never have to buy gas, the driving experience is smoother and more responsive, and they can “fill up” at home while they sleep. 

2: Gas Free 

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One EV enthusiast says environmental perks are only part of the draw to EVs. They took the leap based on reasons unrelated to any cause or belief system. “Never pumping gas again, no more car maintenance or dealership visits on a regular schedule, and incredible technology.” 

3: All Charged Up

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“Leaving my house with a full battery daily is amazing,” another EV owner says. For long trips, they even prefer the EV for the forced breaks they have to take while it charges. “Environmental concerns are also a bonus.”

4: Tons of Perks 

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Electric vehicles are miles ahead of their gas predecessors, one owner says. “You never stop for fuel. You rarely go in for maintenance. The acceleration makes it very fun to drive, and the quiet enhances the ride, especially when listening to music.” As a plus, they said it also feels good to be green. 

5: No Going Back 

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One EV owner, who bought their ride to save money on their commute, says they wouldn’t return to gas cars. “The convenience of never going for gas and no routine maintenance other than tires is just too nice. Driving an EV is just so much better in every way.” 

6: Revved Up 

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Among the benefits of owning an EV, one person says the electric motors are more efficient, and transmissions are garbage anyway. “The best part is no part. The best transmission is none,” they explain. “I like EVs almost as much as I like magic solar panels and magic air conditioners. Electricity is awesome.”

7: Major Savings 

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Another owner gives a shoutout to the dough they save with their electric vehicle, saying the total cost of ownership is a real benefit of going electric. “This includes eliminating maintenance such as fluid exchanges, oil changes, etc.”

8: Goes Too Fast 

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“My only concern with driving my Tesla is tires,” one EV owner cautions. “It eats tires faster than any car I’ve ever owned because I can’t stop flooring it even five years later.” Follow this driver’s footsteps at your own risk. 

9: No Brainer 

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“If you have home charging, it’s a no-brainer decision,” another owner says. “The ease of NEVER stopping for gas is pretty amazing, honestly.” A common concern is battery degradation, but they reassure readers that newer models haven’t had that issue. 

10: Apples to Oranges 

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One way to look at the EV debate is to think about the iPhone vs. flip phones, one person muses. “iPhones were not better than flip phones in every single way when they were first released, and that’s still true today,” they said. “You’re almost certainly not going to be much bothered by the few worse things.”

11: Take It for a Test Drive 

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One owner urges people who haven’t driven an EV for an extended time to give it a chance, and they’ll understand. “They just drive better. It’s as simple as that & it’s not hard to figure out once you have spent time driving one around.”

12: Accidentally Green 

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One person didn’t even think about the environmental benefits. They bought an EV because they needed a new car for commuting, and since they have solar, it would be cheaper than any other car. “Plus, I sit in traffic a lot, so even better! I don’t care so much for the green aspect of it. It was not even a thought.”

13: Going Electric 

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“As long as you have a way to charge at home for maximum savings, downsides are hard to come up with,” one happy EV owner said. He added that his wife just sold her Honda CR-V. “She couldn’t stand driving it anymore. We are all electric now.”

14: Perfect for Planners 

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As long as you have the patience and take the extra time to plan, road trips are very doable in an EV, one person said. “Range is typically less than an ICE in real-world conditions, but those are minor trade-offs.” 

15: Speed Racer 

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For drivers who love a good thrill, electric vehicles are the way to go, one speedster argues. “It’s the best driving experience regarding acceleration, smoothness, and handling. It’s pure fun. I get excited every time I see it!”

16: No Downsides 

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“What’s not to love?” an EV owner asks. “I get a quiet car that goes like stink, carries my whole family, always has a ‘full tank’ in my garage, requires almost no routine maintenance, and despite all these features, costs about half what it would cost if I drove a Prius.” 

Source: Reddit

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