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15 Bad Habits Almost Everyone Is Guilty of Having

As humans, we’re prone to making mistakes from time to time. But we’ve become so accustomed to making inevitable slip-ups that many of us no longer realize it. People took to the internet to share bad habits that almost everyone is guilty of. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Open Your Ears 

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While some of us like to think we’re good listeners, the truth is a lot of people are waiting to talk instead of listening, one person said. “I was awful about this as a kid until my mom phrased it to me as, ‘You’re so worried about getting your message out that you aren’t taking anything in.'”

2: Save It for Later 

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Saving things for later is easy to do. One person said that procrastination is a bad habit that plagues most of us. Another agreed, “If procrastination were a crime, I would be on death row.” 

3: Forgive Yourself 

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People make mistakes, but thinking that every minor slip-up will have dire social consequences is a bad habit, according to one person. “In reality, most misunderstandings will be forgotten in five minutes.”

4: Serious Snacking

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Reaching the bottom of the chip bag happens quicker than most would like to admit. One person says mindless snacking is a near-universal bad habit. “Even if you fight off the urge for a while, you’re still thinking about it.” 

5: Gossip Girls 

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There’s a saying that people should talk to each other, not about each other. But trash-talking others is an easy thing to do. “It’s tough to quit. I am getting better at controlling it, but I still feel bad when I do it. I guess it might be basic behavior for many of us humans.”

6: Sleep on It 

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Catching enough Z’s is important for good health and can impact how nice you are to others the next day. “Not sleeping enough” is a bad habit that almost everyone is guilty of, one tired person commented.

7: Just a Hunch 

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“Slouching in your chair” is a bad habit far too many people are guilty of, according to a self-reflecting individual. Bonus points if reading that just made you adjust your posture. “A ton of people don’t stand up straight either, so they’re still hunched over,” another person added. 

8: Flippant Flossing 

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Who isn’t guilty of lying to their dentist about how much they floss? Truthfully, though, not flossing enough is a bad habit with consequences. To encourage themself to floss more, one person with pearly whites said they “keep a pack of floss at my desk and end table by my couch where I work.” 

9: Phone Zombies 

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Maybe older generations had a point telling everyone to get off their phones. One person said a lousy habit nearly everyone does is spending too much time on the internet. “The mostly-gone generation before the boomers tried to warn us. Now, even our parents and grandparents are glued to their phones.” 

10: Confirmation Bias 

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One person says too many folks subconsciously seek information that reinforces what they want to hear and ignore anything that tells them otherwise. “I read somewhere that the way our brains work is we make our minds up and then look for reasons why we’re right,” someone responded. 

11: Five More Minutes  

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Hitting the snooze button is a sweet moment of relief when waking up to an alarm. But according to one person, it’s a bad habit too many people have.

12: Apples to Oranges

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Comparing yourself to others can bring you down, and social media has made it easier than ever. To one person, “judging your regular life based on the curated lives of people’s social media” is something almost everyone is guilty of. “I don’t have any social media, and this is still a big issue for me,” someone responded. 

13: Feelings Not Facts 

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“Just because you feel offended doesn’t mean that you’re correct,” said one person, who thinks too many people have the terrible habit of treating their emotions like they’re automatically correct. “In the heat of the moment, people forget that you can be both offended and wrong at the same time,” another responded. 

14: Stay Hydrated 

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“I think most people don’t drink nearly enough water,” one person pondered, though they noted they weren’t guilty. “I drink a lot of water,” someone agreed. “But a lot of it has salt and caffeine in it.” 

15: Doomscrolling 

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You’re probably engaging in this bad habit right now: scrolling. “Exactly. He says as he continues to scroll,” one person jokingly responded. 

Source: Reddit

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