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15 Baby Boomer Tactics That No Longer Work in 2023

Many baby boomers may have gotten used to running the show over the years. But younger generations are starting to step in with their way of doing things. People took to the internet to share common boomer beliefs that just don’t work anymore. 

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1: It Doesn’t Work Like That 

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One 28-year-old says while looking for work, their boomer parents met them with nothing but criticism about how they could be working harder for a job. Now that they make a solid wage, they said their parents wonder why they can’t save and raise a family on the same income. “I can’t tell if they are intentionally ignorant of how different things are or are they actually that stupid?” 

2: Do It in Person 

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When searching for a job, the old boomer adage of “go down to the company and hand them your CV” doesn’t work like it used to. “Loads of places don’t even accept CVs,” one younger person observed. “It’s an employer’s market these days, and they will make you jump through hoops for even the smallest position in their company.” 

3: Fewer Affluent Entrepreneurs 

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An entrepreneurial spirit observed that building one’s own business on a “scatterbrained idea” isn’t as easy as it used to be. “30 years back, anyone who’d once turned on and off a computer could set up a ‘Smithson’s & Charleston’s Magic HTML Programming Co.’ and grow affluent.” 

4: Scraping To Get By 

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A struggling person’s boomer parents bragged about how they both worked but could live off of one spouse’s paycheck and bank the entirety of the other. It doesn’t work like that anymore, they say. “With our expenses, we can barely save anything, let alone one of our whole paychecks.”

5: No Silver Spoons Here

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“For a long time, my parents were positively shocked that I wasn’t handed a high-power job offer on a silver platter along with my degree,” says a young person born during the recession. While they said it may not exclusively be a boomer issue, they’re the ones who seem to be the most clueless about it. “I had graduated right smack in the middle of the last recession, and bachelor’s [degrees] are now a dime-a-dozen on applications.” 

6: Just Ask 

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A man agrees that the age-old belief that you can physically ask for a job somewhere and not take ‘no’ for an answer is gone. “You’re more likely to annoy a manager by becoming a pain they have to deal with than impress them with your go-get-it-ness,” they said. “Being in the building has zero to do with it.” 

7: Wake Up Call 

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Boomers preach that they know the ‘real world,’ but a younger person is confused by that sentiment. “Life is an everchanging, fluid thing. There is no ‘This is how things are. The kids these days are just too coddled to realize it yet,'” they said. “I feel like that right there is the largest issue.” 

8: Above Average 

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One man thinks baby boomers are way out of touch regarding housing prices. After reading an article about real estate prices where they grew up, they found that someone on the cusp of the top 1% of income in their country can’t afford an average home there. “Average earners, with average expenses, now need to save for 12 years to afford a down payment on that same home.” 

9: Loyalty Backfires 

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After following the common boomer advice about sticking with one company no matter what, all one young employee got were problems in return. “I’ve experienced wage theft, character assassination, withheld paychecks, hostile scheduling from spiteful bosses,” and the list goes on, they said. 

10: Quacking Along 

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One person has become increasingly concerned with the quality of boomer health professionals. “I’ve had massively bad experiences with doctors over the age of 50. Way too quick to determine ‘anxiety’ when I had a bacterial abscess.” They said their medical knowledge is way out-of-date. There were ten complaints last year about one particular doctor I spent way too much time on.

11: Dating Don’ts 

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Someone said all the dating advice they’ve received from their baby boomer parents is terrible. “Unless I want a relationship that is as absolutely dysfunctional and utilitarian (more like using each other) as theirs.”

12: Follow Your Arrow 

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Instead of falling for unhelpful advice, one younger person follows their arrow and recommends others do, too. “Older people often give younger people advice that reflects their values (and usually, their regrets) rather than taking into account yours,” they said. “I just try to follow my intuition and do what I want.” 

13: Overworked and Underpaid 

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Hard work is not the failsafe formula for success anymore. “Work hard and smart and have goals and be prepared to jump ship because you can’t put all your eggs in one basket anymore, or you’re setting yourself up for failure,” one person explains. 

14: Easy for You To Say 

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One person says it’s “frustrating and infuriating” hearing advice from boomers who were lucky enough to hold jobs in the recession when they were unemployed. The original poster completely agreed. “I have just accepted that we need to wait for enough of that generation to croak so they can’t vote against everyone’s interests anymore.” 

15: Right Back ‘Atcha 

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One person cautions younger generations not to take things personally. “If a boomer tells you that millennials are lazy and entitled, just remind them that, factually, millennials work longer hours for lower pay and are vastly more productive.” 

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