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15 Confusing Baby Boomer Logic Arguments That Just Aren’t Right

Baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, are well known for hot takes and blaming other generations for the state of the world. So, people took to the internet to share boomer logic that doesn’t add up and can be downright damaging. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: It’s All Millennials’ Fault 

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The boomer concept that millennials are responsible for destroying industries doesn’t sit right with one commenter. “No, those industries failed to adapt to a modern market and a new demographic. You think people of the early 1900s were complaining that kids and their cars were killing the horse-drawn carriage industry?” 

2: Buy a House 

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One millennial is sick of hearing boomers say they had moved out, gotten married, and purchased a house by 18. “You also lived in a time period where minimum wage could actually support you to a degree rather than leave you clinging to dear life while eating ice cube soup for dinner every night.” 

3: Get Schooled 

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One commenter was frustrated when a boomer said securing a scholarship was easy, even if you didn’t have a 4.0 GPA. “All of them require you to be in either poverty or have a 5.0 GPA. Gold mine if you have both.” 

4: Get A Job 

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Securing a job nowadays is more challenging than many boomers make it out to be. One commenter said the worst boomer logic they’ve heard is, “Just walk in and ask for a job. They’ll love your enthusiasm.”

5: Riding the Wave of Success 

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One commenter sarcastically spoke on the fact that many boomers mix political affairs with personal success. “I grew up in an unprecedented historical moment where the US not only was the preeminent power, but every other industrialized country was in shambles following WWII, but every bit of success I’ve had is based on my own, personal awesomeness.”

6: Parents Don’t Understand 

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“Not being understanding” is a boomer shortcoming, according to one commenter. “They always have a scenario where they went through what you went through…but tenfold, of course!”

7: Take Time Off 

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Times have changed, especially regarding vacation time at the office. One commenter said, “Up to a little while ago, my dad firmly believed that every minimum wage employee was guaranteed two weeks of paid vacation to be taken whenever they want.” Not quite. 

8: Work Harder 

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One commenter works online and has difficulty explaining their job description to their parents. “They think I just sit around doing nothing. I work on the internet, and of course, I sit around all day. How else could I get work done?” 

9: Extreme Cheapskates 

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No generation takes to couponing quite like boomers. One boomer logic argument that doesn’t add up? “Coupons should always be accepted, even if expired,” one commenter says. 

10: All Your Fault

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Some millennials are tired of getting bashed by their senior generation. One commenter mocked common boomer logic. “Millennials are bad for wasting all their money on frivolous things like avocado toast! Also, Millennials are bad because they are killing markets by not buying things like wine and diamonds and not dining out.”

11: Double Standards 

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One commenter is tired of hearing they’re selfish for not wanting kids. Meanwhile, many baby boomers “had kids so they’d have someone to look after them in their old age.” 

12: Shopping Woes 

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Boomers typically believe the customer is always right, and younger generations get the heat. One commenter hates it when boomers “Complain to companies such as retail or restaurants over some little thing because they feel entitled to compensation for minor transgressions.” 

13: Anyone But Boomers 

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Baby boomer finger-pointing is getting tiring for some younger generations. One person commented, “Everything has to be the millennials’ fault. Even the generation that isn’t millennials.”

14: Take What’s Handed to You

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One commenter’s father thinks if the offer is on the table, you might as well take it. “Government should not be giving out handouts, but if they are, better take all you can get.”

15: Game Over 

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According to most boomers, video games are a one-size-fits-all explanation for things going wrong. One commenter said, “Dropping grades? Blame the video games. Not finding a job? Blame the video games. Throwing up because of an infection? Blame the video games.” 

Source: Reddit

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