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“Millennials Are the Worst Generation Ever, by Far” An Online Debate Ensues

Millennials, born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, get their fair share of flack from other generations. But one person went as far as to say they’re “the worst generation ever” in an online forum. That sparked heated responses. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Can’t Do Anything Right 

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Among the laundry list of millennial wrongdoings the original poster mentioned, they said millennials “don’t contribute anything but complaints, and they don’t understand it’s not their god-given right to comfort.” Not only did they lay into what millennials do wrong, but they also paraded all the reasons boomers are better. 

2: Boomers Are Better 

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“Every single thing in your home was created, designed, engineered or improved by a ‘boomer,'” the original poster said. They also mention that boomers don’t have the same sense of entitlement as millennials and claim their older generation is environmentally conscious. “Stop complaining. You are not victims. You are leeches.” 

3: Starting Wars 

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“Correct me if I’m wrong, but the millennial generation has yet to issue any edicts or decrees of war sending millions of people to their deaths for their own gain,” one commenter says. 

4: What’s Cookin’ 

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One millennial is not afraid to say they definitely have room for improvement. “But so could everyone else. Except maybe The Rock.” 

5: Just Wait 

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Another millennial begs for a bit of patience. “The oldest millennials aren’t even 40 yet, dude. Give us a minute; we’re gonna do some cool stuff.” 

6: It’s All Your Fault

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“I never understood this argument,” another commenter responds. “If the generation after you suck, you’re part of the problem.” The original poster had something to say about that, “Don’t blame those before you. This is the exact attitude I’m talking about.”

7: Could Be Worse 

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Though one person admits millennials have their faults, they say it could be worse. “They are bad, but they aren’t holding back progress with their bitter racism and denial of climate change.” 

8: Us and Them 

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“Don’t generalize and stereotype an entire group of people,” one person says. “That just propagates an ‘us vs them’ mentality, and lord knows we have enough of that in the world already.” 

9: Get a Grip 

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One commenter argues that boomers created the phones that millennials use today. To top it all off? “We’re the most independently thinking group ever to exist… that’s probably why you hate us.”

10: Not All Millennials 

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One person said that one size doesn’t fit all with millennials. “I’m a millennial, and I have worked hard for and earned everything I own without complaining about it or having any help doing it,” they said. “Don’t judge all based on your experience with some.” 

11: Grow Up

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Another person said the original poster should know better. “It’s sad when young people fall for mainstream media tropes, but it’s even worse when it happens to old people.”

12: Ancient Complaints 

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Griping about younger generations goes way back, according to one commenter. “Socrates said the same thing. And we’ll say it about the next generation, too.”

13: Not Alone 

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It wasn’t all opposition; one commenter actually agreed. “As a millennial, I hate 90% of my generation.” Much to the delight of the original poster, who replied, “There is hope.”

14: Nice Try

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“I’m in a decently financially secure position with a traditionally productive job. I’m going to keep complaining,” one millennial said. “Good to know my opinion meets your arbitrary standard of validity, though.”

15: Off the Grid 

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“Amen. I can agree with ya,” one person said, expressing support for the anti-millennial poster. Another snarked, “Remove a millennial’s WiFi access and watch them suffer.” 

Source: Reddit

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