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Are American-Made Cars Really That Bad? 16 People Debate Whether Honda and Toyota Are More Reliable

Cars are one of the biggest investments one can make, so reliability is essential. American-made vehicles have a less than stellar reputation in that department, and one person asked the internet if there truly is an advantage to foreign brands like Honda and Toyota. Buckle up for their responses. 

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1: Reputation Says It All 

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Toyota chose to build its reputation on high-quality parts a long time ago, and it’s paid off big time in the longevity of its cars. One Toyota-loving commenter says, “People are so vehement about the brands because of the pain and suffering an unreliable car will cause you. When you finally get a car that doesn’t mistreat you in such a way, it sticks in your mind as a relief.” 

2: Beauty Is Skin Deep 

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Another commenter fully agrees that reliability goes much deeper than the surface. “I hate how Toyota/Honda looks from inside and outside. But I am very close to starting to hate German car repairs more.”

3: Get a Lexus Instead 

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“Why buy a Toyota when you can have something MUCH better without losing reliability?” asks one Lexus owner. “Lexus brings me peace and sanity as I build up wealth, so one day I can afford a German king like the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. People often forget that you don’t have to pick a Corolla or Camry.”

4: Avoid the Money Pit 

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Lexus fans didn’t stand alone in the comments, with one person saying, “I drove BMWs for years, but as they age, they become a money pit and require frequent repairs. Now I drive a Lexus, and it’s stress-free.”

5: Undeniable Accolades 

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One commenter says the numbers don’t lie. “Toyota is the best-selling brand for a reason. Every car they sell is the best in their respective categories: RAV4, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Sienna, and Tacoma. Toyota also has the best quality control, and resale value is always rising for all models.”

6: Not Going the Distance 

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Things aren’t looking good for American cars from the eyes of one parts shop employee. “American cars do not go that far these days. I work in a parts store and constantly get people coming in with less than five-year-old American cars with fairly major issues.”

7: No Frills 

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Toyota takes the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to heart. One commenter says, “Toyota perfects their products and then rides that into the ground. So if you’re fine with 5-speed auto, an underpowered V6 that gets 16 mpg, and 5-inch infotainment systems in a $50k SUV, you get to have a vehicle that will last forever.”

8: Staying Loyal 

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Another commenter thinks car brands’ cult-like following says it all, and they’ve earned their reputation as building the most durable vehicles in the world. “Nearly every person I know that buys a Toyota does so without test driving any other vehicle. My sister bought her 3rd Tacoma in a row without considering another vehicle. Honda has similar loyalty.” 

9: Taking Care 

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One commenter from across the pond believes you can get away with being less diligent on maintenance for Hondas and Toyotas. “My British car has been reliable since I got it, but I also am a complete freak about maintenance, which is probably unnecessary for Toyota.”

10: Don’t Believe the Hype 

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Reliability comes at an unnecessarily hefty price, according to one commenter. “In my area, used Toyotas, Mazdas, and Hondas cost a LOT more than the American counterparts. American cars can be reliable, too. This idea that ‘American cars are just overpriced and unreliable’ is usually not true. Any new car will likely reach 200k miles with proper maintenance.”

11: Better for a Reason

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One commenter hands-down believes that Honda and Toyota are more reliable than American cars. “If you take care of your Toyota/Honda, you can send that thing to 300k+ no problem. I’ve seen Chevys, Jeeps, Fords, Hyundais, etc. have critical/total parts failure in and before the 150k range.”

12: Worth It

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Speaking from experience, one commenter recommends buying a Toyota built in Japan for the most reliable vehicle. “I used to purchase a vehicle every 3 or 4 years, always used. That changed in 2011 when I bought a 2005 4Runner with 100k miles on it. What I initially thought was the most expensive vehicle purchase of my life has turned out to be the cheapest due to the amount of time I’ve owned it and the low cost of maintenance.”

13: All That Glitters 

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Toyota’s world-renowned reliability doesn’t come for free, says one commenter. “You trade the latest and greatest features for reliability and stability. On the opposite end of the spectrum, for example, Hyundai/Kia takes a lot of design risks and iterates faster, but at the higher risk for lower reliability.”

14: Know Who To Avoid 

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While Toyota and Honda are the poster children for reliability, one commenter says they’re no longer the only ones of note. “There are many cars that are very solid, and over ten years, you might see at most a $200 difference between them. Of course, there are still very unreliable brands like Jeep, Maserati, BMW, etc. Outside some early models, anything 2019+ tends to have a bulletproof drivetrain and not much else that can go wrong.”

15: Keep It Real 

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The internet can be a helpful place, but it can also be hyperbolic. One commenter says Honda and Toyota are only marginally more reliable than American cars. “People way over exaggerate the reliability differences between different brands. Just buy what you like and disregard the Toyota zealots.”

16: Another Raving Fan 

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One commenter climbs on the soap box to say that Toyota is the only car they’ve never had severe mechanical issues with. “I owned a 2018 Camry for three years and only had to do oil changes. I swapped it out for an OLDER 2010 model, and minus a few routine wear and tear things that had to be resolved like any used car, it’s been the same story: oil changes and the occasional filter.” 

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