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16 Ultra-Annoying Grammar Errors People Make

In the age of autocorrect, we have a lot of tools on our side to dodge common grammatical mistakes. But sometimes even those can’t save us. Grammar buffs took to social media to share the most annoying grammar errors people make. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Guilty As Charged 

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It’s hard to dodge the grammar police, even on your own posts. Apparently, the phrase “grammatical error” is a flub in and of itself, and one person called the original social media poster out in the comments for using it.

2: Who Dunnit 

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A frustrated person says they can’t stand it when they see or hear someone use the word “that” when the correct word is “who.” “E.g., I like the person that eats eggs. It should be: I like the person who eats eggs.” 

3: Apostrophe Problems 

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“I guess using an apostrophe for plural’s,” one person joked about the grammar error that annoys them the most. Another has the same qualm (and sense of humor). “My dad use’s apostrophe’s after every single word that end’s with s.”

4: Stand Corrected 

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One person says it’s not an error that bothers them, but when people try to correct them on regional spelling differences like “grey” and “gray.” “Neither is wrong! Americans prefer one; the other is more common in Britain.” 

5: Finding a Replacement 

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If you use the word “loose” when you actually mean to say “lose,” you will get on many grammar-conscious people’s nerves. One commenter added, “‘Over’ is NOT an appropriate substitute for ‘more than’.”

6: Here, There, Everywhere 

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“Their,” “they’re,” and “there” are commonly misused, and a lot of disgruntled folks take notice. “I mean, can you believe how some people use this in there sentences?” someone quipped.   

7: Keyboard Kerfuffle 

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“‘Too’ seems to be disappearing, only to be replaced by ‘to,'” an annoyed commenter said. Someone added that the new “swipe to type” keyboards are probably to blame for the common blunder. 

8: Cause and Effect 

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People’s accents can affect how they write, according to one person. “There’s always ‘than’ vs. ‘then.’ Writing ‘I like chocolate more then cheese,’ for example. Makes for some confusing sentences.” 

9: Frustrating Phrases

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Using would/could/should “of” instead of would/could/should “have” grinds the gears of a few folks. “Seriously, I instantly assume you’re an idiot when I see it,” one person said. 

10: Comma Chameleon

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To one commenter, the most annoying grammar mistake someone can make is “When, someone doesn’t know how to use commas, because, they can’t understand a simple, grammar rule. It really, pisses, me, off.” Point taken. 

11: Annoying Acronyms

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Redundancy in phrases like “ATM machine” and “PIN number” gets to a few grammar police in the comments. “But what if they really can’t remember their personal PIN number to get money from the automated ATM machine?” someone jokingly responds. 

12: Fine By Me 

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They may be in the minority, but one person noted they are not bothered by grammar errors. “As long as I can read it,” they’re good to go. 

13: Tired of It

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“‘Weary’ vs ‘wary’ seems to be the latest one popping up,” a grammar police noticed. “It’s like we’ve elected to get rid of the word ‘weary’ for some reason. It’s not like it’s hard to remember the difference.” Just in case you need a refresher, weary means tired. Wary means apprehensive. 

14: Say Less

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One person says they wish fewer people would mix up “fewer” with “less.” They explain, “If you can count it, it’s ‘fewer,’ if you can’t count it, you use ‘less.’ None of my college professors, let alone my friends, get this right.” 

15: All in One

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Sometimes a tongue-in-cheek grammar rant is all it takes to understand the grammar errors that annoy a person. “I think its rediculous how often people write alot. I want to find there English teachers and than tell them, ‘Your a terrible teacher!’ Its definately one of the most annoying things I notice. The affect it has on me is always the same- irregardless of whose saying it.” How long did it take you to notice what they did there? 

16: Good Grief 

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You can effectively ruin a grammar nerd’s day by telling them you’re doing “good” when they ask how you’re doing. “Superman does good. You do well,” one person clarified. 

Source: Reddit

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