St. Christopher’s Inn Hostel Barcelona

Other Notes

There are two accessible restrooms. One is on the third floor and the other is inside a female dorm room on the sixth floor. You’ll be provided with a key to access the accessible restroom.

There are two elevators at the hostel.

General accessibility

Number of accessible rooms:

Category of accessible rooms: All rooms are accessible provided that you request a bottom bunk bed.

Floor level of accessible rooms:

Entrance to hotel: Flat entry from the sidewalk

Accessible Room Details

Width of room entrance: 80 cm / 31.5 inches

Width of bathroom entrance: 80 cm / 31.5 inches

Room Dimensions: Depends on the room, but all are spacious enough for a chair to maneuver about.

Roll-in shower: Yes

Shower chair provided: Yes

Grab bars: Yes


Accessible facilities: All facilities at the hotel are accessible.

Elevator: Yes


The downtown historical center of Barcelona. About one block from the uppermost portion of the Las Ramblas pedestrian boardwalk. Just a few minute roll from Plaça Catalunya.


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