Sandpeddler Inn and Suites

Wheelchair accessible details on rooms at the Sandpeddler Inn and Suites in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Wheelchair accessible bedroom at the Sandpeddler Inn and Suites.
Accessible bathroom at the Sandpeddler Inn and Suites.
Kitchen at Sandpeddler Inn and Suites.
Living room at Sandpeddler Inn and Suites.

General accessibility

Number of accessible rooms: 2

Category of accessible rooms: Queen Suites: One queen (non-platform) bed in the bedroom and a queen sofa bed in the living area.

Floor level of accessible rooms: 2

Entrance to hotel: There is some slope in parking lot due to drain but from handicapped parking to sidewalk to entrance is relatively level with a minor grade on the ramp.

Accessible Room Details

Width of room entrance: 91.4 centimeters / 36 inches

Width of bathroom entrance: 91.4 centimeters / 36 inches

Room Dimensions: 53 square meters / 570 square feet

Roll-in shower: No

Shower chair provided: Yes

Grab bars: Yes


Accessible facilities: All public areas at the hotel are accessible except the pool, which does not have a lift.

Elevator: Yes


The southern end of Wrightsville Beach, across from the water. All public areas outside of the hotel (and on the island in general) are relatively level with the major grade change being to access the beach. Directly across from the Sandpeddler is beach access that is concrete and fairly smooth with a gradual incline to the top of the dunes. Beach wheelchairs are available in the town office for free. From what we saw, all crosswalks on the island have the drop curbs at the crosswalks, as they do around the area of the Sandpeddler.


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