ARRIVE Wilmington

Detailed information on wheelchair accessibility at ARRIVE Wilmington Hotel in North Carolina.

General accessibility

Number of accessible rooms:

Category of accessible rooms: Mini King Room with one king size bed

Floor level of accessible rooms: 1

Entrance to hotel: There's a ramp leading to the lobby and restaurant on the first floor.

Accessible Room Details

Width of room entrance: 91.4 centimeters / 36 inches

Width of bathroom entrance: 91.4 centimeters / 36 inches

Room Dimensions: 6.7 meters x 4 meters / 22 x 13 feet

Roll-in shower: Yes

Shower chair provided: Yes

Grab bars: Yes


Accessible facilities: All facilities on the ground level are accessible.

Elevator: No


In the historical center of Wilmington, just two blocks from the Wilmington Riverwalk. The area around the hotel is well maintained, with paved sidewalks and drop curbs.


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