Accessible Travel

Traveling comes with its hurdles and traveling with a wheelchair even more so.

Will the lookout point have a ramp?

Are there accessible restrooms?

Does the site have accessible parking spaces?

No doubt, there are certain destinations that are more accessible than others. However, destinations are oftentimes overlooked for their lack of accessibility, when a lack of information is the bigger problem.

Our goal is to ease the uncertainty that many wheelchair users face when planning a trip and grow A Piece of Travel into a trusted resource for accessible travel advice.

How, you ask?

With the help of my wonderful brother-in-law and sister who have done their fair share of accessible world traveling.

Meet Josh and Mary-Kate!

Josh and Mary-Kate have lots of experience with accessible travel.

Josh and Mary-Kate are committed to developing material for this blog to help people with all abilities travel the world. They’re also aiming to open accessible travel consulting services for destinations that they’ve traveled to personally.

Think Bora Bora.

Roaming the streets of Paris.

Snorkeling with sea turtles in Hawaii.

A Note From Josh

Since disabilities vary from person to person, I thought I’d explain my personal disability, as the accessibility guides in this blog are mostly described as I would experience them. Some of you may have an easier time, or a more difficult time, based on your own abilities.

I am a T-4 paraplegic with no use of my legs; therefore, I use a wheelchair all day, every day for getting around and exploring new areas. I was injured in a car accident when I was four years old. I have limited balance but decent enough arm strength, after all the years in the chair. I have also been playing wheelchair basketball since age 12, which has helped me gain a lot of strength and confidence to navigate all sorts of situations. I have never let my disability slow me down or hold me back!

Please take into consideration your own abilities and how this guide can be used to best help you navigate new surroundings, and get out there and explore!

A picture of Josh and Mary-Kate by a helicopter.

How A Piece of Travel Currently Incorporates Accessible Travel

There are two ways that you can find accessible resources on our blog. For blog posts that are 100% dedicated to accessible travel, look for this logo on the top right corner of our posts:

For blog posts that are not dedicated to accessible travel, many of our guides have accessible travel tips within the post. In this case, look for the following in the introduction of our posts:

Keep an eye out for this blue bar in the introduction of posts. This is your cue for accessible information!

Would you like to be featured in a blog post?

Do you have experience with accessible travel and have advice that you’re itching to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you!

Head to the “Contact” section at the top of this page and send an email our way. All mail we receive is read, so you can expect to hear from us soon.

Thank you for being part of our A Piece of Travel community!