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A Piece of Travel (APOT) made its debut in 2019 by cofounders Laura Olds, Joshua Lewis, and Mary-Kate Lewis.

Laura is the principal writer, traveler, and admin of most things on APOT, so you’ll see her around “virtual” town more than her brother-in-law and sister.

But APOT’s history starts with Josh and Mary-Kate, so we’ll begin there.

Josh & Mary-Kate's Story

Josh has been a wheelchair user since the age of four (read more about Josh’s story). As a young adult, his love for seeing the world took him road-tripping through the United States and crisscrossing continents.

Meanwhile, Mary-Kate used her free time to volunteer, travel, and spend time with family.

When Josh and Mary-Kate met in 2011, their passion for traveling fueled even more trips. 

However, it led them to recognize what Josh already knew—the need for more (and, in some cases, any) online wheelchair travel information. They contemplated starting an accessible travel blog for years.

Given their busy schedules, Josh and Mary-Kate recognized that maintaining a blog would be challenging. So, after time and encouragement, they convinced Laura to test the travel blogging waters.

Josh and Mary-Kate continue to be active at home and in their community. Their biggest passions include caring for their children, Isaac and Karissa, and running a startup food donation program in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Josh also plays and coaches wheelchair basketball. He has an incredible talent for graphic design and illustration. You can view his work on Instagram.

Laura's Story

Laura grew up in Upstate New York, where her life revolved around horses, 4-H, and all things outdoors.

It wasn't until a family trip to Jamaica during high school that Laura gained a passion for learning about cultures and languages. She's since volunteered in Panama for three years with the Peace Corps, worked in Peru for two years, and has traveled to over 50 countries.

When Laura started A Piece of Travel in 2019, she worked remotely full-time while traveling abroad. After nearly four years of juggling "real" work and APOT, she's grateful to now call travel blogging her full-time profession.

The word "influencer" has gotten a bad rep, but Laura strives to challenge this sentiment, aiming to influence for the better.

Namely, getting more information online about wheelchair and solo female travel.

While much of APOT's content includes details on wheelchair accessibility, Laura is a non-wheelchair user. So, she also writes articles on her inaccessible backpacking adventures.

A Note From Laura, Josh, & Mary-Kate

Throughout our travels, we've noticed that despite so much information online about things to do in a destination, much of it lacks the kind of detail that can make or break a travel experience.

Especially when it comes to wheelchair accessible travel.

It’s the little pieces of travel advice that make the difference.

So, we strive to give you essential information that can be hard to track down in advance, such as:

  • Is a key required to enter an accessible restroom?
  • Where’s the ramp location to an accessible building?
  • Do you often arrive early to avoid crowds, only to discover that most everything is closed?

Us too, and it drives us crazy.

We write about the places and activities that inspire us because we want to share them with you. We'll tell you if we don't recommend something—even if it's an unpopular opinion.

That said, showcasing destinations in an honest but positive light is important to us.

Everyone has different travel styles and interests. So, we keep this in mind when writing our articles.

Plus, we’re always writing about someone’s hometown. Every place means something special to someone.

Thank you for including A Piece of Travel in your travel plans!

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