Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our background and how A Piece of Travel came to be.

We hope you enjoy our blog; we’ve put a lot of time into making it as helpful as possible for you.

Feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to get to know you, too!

About Josh & Mary-Kate

A Piece of Travel exists thanks to Josh and Mary-Kate.  Josh has been using a wheelchair since the age of four (read more about Josh’s story).  His love for seeing the world took him road tripping through the U.S. and across continents.

During this time, Mary-Kate was volunteering and traveling whenever possible.

Then, in 2011, Josh and Mary-Kate met. Together, their passion for traveling fueled even more trips. 

However, it also led them to recognize the need for more (and, in many cases, any) accessible resources online.  They toyed with the idea of starting an accessible travel blog for years.

Josh and Mary-Kate love staying busy and are active in their community.  Their biggest passions include loving on their son Isaac, their dog Kingsley, and working on a start-up food donation program in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  The “Blessing Box” has been an incredible success.

In addition to the Blessing Box, Josh plays and coaches wheelchair basketball.  He’s also recently discovered that he has an incredible talent for graphic design and illustration—some of his work is on this blog.

Mary-Kate’s love for animals extends beyond Kingsley; she volunteers at a local animal shelter and, in our unbiased opinion, helps coordinate some of the best fundraising events out there.

Given their commitments at home and in their community, Josh and Mary-Kate knew they wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time needed to create the content they dreamed of for maintaining an accessible travel blog.

With time and encouragement, they convinced Laura to test the waters of travel blogging.

About Laura

Laura is Mary-Kate’s sister and Josh’s sister-in-law. The travel bug bit Laura later in life, as growing up, her life revolved around horses on her family’s small, Upstate New York farm.

However, this quickly changed when she went to college.  Since then, she’s lived in Panama for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, worked in Peru for two years, and has traveled to over 50 countries.

Thanks to remote work, Laura’s home is the globe. The more she travels, the more she feels like she’s barely scratched the surface of all there is to experience.

Josh and Mary-Kate supported Laura with starting a travel blog, inspired by their vision of increasing the presence of online accessible travel information.

Most posts on this blog are written by Laura, with the oversight of Josh and Mary-Kate. 

While much of the content on A Piece of Travel includes wheelchair accessibility, Laura is able-bodied. Therefore, she also writes posts geared towards able-bodied travelers.

About A Piece of Travel: By Josh, Mary-Kate & Laura

Throughout our travels, we noticed that despite so much information online about things to see and do in any particular destination, much of it lacks the kind of detail that makes or breaks a travel experience…especially when it comes to accessible travel.

It’s the little pieces of travel advice that make the difference.

For example, where’s the exact location of the ramp to the accessible building?

Is a key required to enter the accessible restroom?

Does it always feel like you’re arriving at places too early to avoid crowds, only to find that most everything is closed?

Us too, and it drives us crazy.

This is how A Piece of Travel was born.

Our goal is to infiltrate you with details to help you maximize your travel experience.

Our blog was launched in March 2019 and we’ve enjoyed the never-ending journey of learning to navigate the blogging world.  It’s the comments and emails that we receive from you, our readers, that motivate us to continue on.

Honesty and positivity are important to us.

We write about the places and activities that inspire us because we want to share them with you. If we don’t recommend something—even if it’s an unpopular opinion—we’ll tell you.

That said, showcasing destinations in an honest but positive light is important to us.

Everyone has different travel styles and interests, so we keep this in mind with our writing. Plus, we’re always writing about someone’s hometown.

Everyplace means something to someone.

Thank you for including A Piece of Travel in your travel plans!

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