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A Trump Win, Say Americans As Republicans Elect New Speaker 

Republicans ended a historic three-week streak and by electing Mike Johnson as the new House Speaker. Voters say it’s ultimately a win for Trump and his supporters.  

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Trump Says Congrats 

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Not long after the announcement, Trump went to the press to congratulate Speaker Johnson, saying, “I just want to congratulate Mike Johnson. He will be a great Speaker of the House.” 

Better Than the Other Guy 

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Previously, Republicans had nominated Rep. Tom Emmer for the speaker role. Emmer withdrew after Trump labeled any vote for him as a “tragic mistake.” This led many to ask whether Trump was really pulling the strings. 

Victory For Trump

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“Mike Johnson being speaker of the house is a big win-win for Trump,” one person noted. “Seems like Trump won the speaker position in the end,” another quipped. 

Loyal To a Fault

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Many pointed out that Speaker Johnson has shown loyalty to Trump. After the 2020 election, he called Trump to say, “Stay strong and keep fighting, sir! The nation is counting on your determination. We must pursue every legal option available to restore Americans’ faith in the fairness of our electoral system.”

An Acolyte

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Many implied that Johnson would blindly follow Trump. One person even joked that Trump was probably about to send over a list of demands for the new Speaker. 


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“I don’t know how any election denier who tried to overthrow the presidential election could be good for the House or the country,” another person said. Several others echoed the sentiment. And those weren’t the only worries about Speaker Johnson. 

No Getting Along

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Many fear that Johnson’s more extreme positions will make it impossible for Democrats and Republicans to reach agreements. Some thought that this was another plus for Trump. “Trump has his yes man in place! Nothing will pass.That’s the way Trump wants it. Then he will play the hero,” one person said. 

Kiss Of Death

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Others noted that candidates with Trump endorsements don’t have the best track records. “There it is! The ‘kiss of death.’  A Trump endorsement! I give Johnson 3 weeks before he goes down in flames,” one commenter noted. 

Won’t Last

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Several thought Speaker Johnson had too much integrity to be swayed by Trump’s lead, which would be to his detriment. They said that when Speaker Johnson refuses to kowtow to Trump loyalists within the party, his time as speaker would be over. 

What We Need

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Some thought the new Speaker was a good choice. “Mike Johnson won’t sell out to lobbyists or special interests groups,” one person said. Trump disciples within the Republican party have long talked about lobbyists and special interest groups as a key problem in Washington. 

Glad Its Over

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Others were glad the decision was made, regardless of who the new Speaker was. “They had me worried for a moment there,” said one commenter in reference to the Republican party as a whole. 

Seek Good Counsel

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“I just hope and pray Mike Johnson doesn’t take any advice from Trump,” one person said after hearing Trump’s congratulations. Though Johnson may not seek direct counsel from Trump, he has already been labeled the “Speaker of the MAGA movement” thanks to his voting record. 

Build Your Network 

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A few people thought that Trump was coming out to congratulate Johnson as part of a longer game. “Already networking and he’s not even in yet. That’s how you do it,” one person said. 

Won’t Be In 

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Others pushed back on that idea, saying, “Mike Johnson is not going to keep him [Trump] out of jail.” In their eyes, there was no long game for Trump to play. 

Still Hope

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While many see Speaker Johnson as a Trump devotee, others see his election as a good sign. “I have to say – I’m encouraged to see Democrats actually stand and applaud some of Rep. Mike Johnson’s speech,” one person said. “Gives me some hope.”

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