8 Wheelchair-Friendly Things to Do in Malta

Malta is quickly becoming a top European travel destination. However, you might be wondering if there are enough wheelchair-friendly things to do in Malta. The good news? There are!

The infographic below includes tips for visiting eight accessible sites in Malta. Make sure to click through to the second page to see the full list.

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8 Wheelchair Friendly Things to do in Malta by Laura

Keep in mind…

This list of accessible things to do in Malta corresponds with our post 12 Popular & Unique Places to See in Malta. Make sure to head over to that post for a more detailed account of things to do in these eight accessible areas.

Accessible Resources for Malta

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to visit Malta, let us show you some other wonderful resources to help you change your mind. If you’re already set on visiting Malta, these resources will be a great supplement to your trip planning.

1. Accessible Public Transportation

We’re going to take a moment here to unashamedly boast about our post on accessible transportation in Malta. If you plan on taking buses and ferries, make sure to check out our infographic and resources for Accessible Public Transportation in Malta.

2. Malta Welcome Center

You know you’re in good hands when a country’s welcome center has a page on its website dedicated to accessible travel. The Malta Welcome Center has created a Wheelchair Friendly Guide, including a list of six destinations of their own that they recommend as accessible friendly areas. They also touch on accessibility at Malta’s airport, hotels, and public transportation.

3. Guide Me Malta

Guide Me Malta is a great resource for anyone planning their trip to Malta. They have a post, Accessible Malta: holidays for people with disability, which offers insight into areas that are accessible. They also give specifics on accessibility at the Malta Airport, public transportation, and hotels.

4. VisitMalta.com

Are you looking to beach it during your time in Malta? VisitMalta.com offers an extensive list of accessible beaches in Malta and Gozo. Not only this, but they go one step further to indicate the number of accessible parking spaces, walkways, restrooms, and floating wheelchairs there are at each site. They also include contact information for a private accessible van service.

Visiting the Cathedral Museum is one of the wheelchair friendly things to do in Malta.


Will you be traveling to Malta with a wheelchair? Have you used accessible services in Malta? We’d love to hear from you! Share your questions and experiences below.

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